HIH The Late Princess Leila of Iran (1970-2001)

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HIH Princess Leila

HIH Princess Leila was born in Tehran, in March 1970
To Aryan

Dear friend,

Despite not being Iranian, I keep Princess Leila in my memory and heart.
Princess Leila

Thanks to you, dear Aryan.

Nice pictures about our loved Princess

Here there is a link from the official website of HIM Empress Farah:

June 10
Princess Leila

There is always one family member that is the memory of the family.It is important to keep an eye on that person throughout life and the upheavals it may bring.Leila was too young to die and have been taken away from her surroundings in Iran at such a tender age as she was.She still had much to give and be given to her. May she rest in peace.
Dear Elisenda,

I just saw your message today, I don't come often on the Forum.

Princess Leila was burried in Paris, at the Cimetière de Passy, near the Trocadero. If you wish to pay her tribute, the personal of the cementery will most probably inform you as they did for me.

Kind regards.
Dear FarahJoy, don't worry, thanks for your kind message.

Dear Elisenda,

I just saw your message today, I don't come often on the Forum.

Princess Leila was burried in Paris, at the Cimetière de Passy, near the Trocadero. If you wish to pay her tribute, the personal of the cementery will most probably inform you as they did for me.

Kind regards.
And Her Majesty and members of the Royal Family? Any of them appear on the videos, it is a little odd?
Though these people are certainly sincere, if you had lost a daughter, or a sister, would you like to be surrounded with such a show or would you prefer to pay respect while you are alone or with your close ones ?
I can't believe it's been 9 years - almost a decade! - since she died. May she rest in peace! :rose:
I'd prefer such ceremonies as private as they can get. ;)
This article let me puzzled: the author several times refers to Leila's death, the Shah's death and Soraya's death as murders (actually he always call them murders), and even wrote that the Shah "was murdered by his own doctors".
I admit that Leila and Soraya's deaths have something of misteryous, but I wonder if they really can be considered as murders; but why did he wrote that the Shah has ben murdered by his doctors? He was suffering of a tumor if I remember correctly, and underwent surgery several times during his last two years of life; so what's strange in the his death?
^ You're right, he's trying to make a point but what is that?! I'm quite surprised as to how some people decide to write about such things publicly without having any evidence. How does he really know they were murdered?? What happened to Leila was awful as she was so young - I think we should all let her rest in true peace now.
Don't know anything about her actually didn't know Iran had a royal family. But really pretty girl she died really young.
Poor Leila, she had such a sad life and what a pity. :( May she RIP.

She is a great beauty, kinda reminds me of Princess Letizia when she was still a journalist.
Yes, Leila was truly stunning and smart as well, what a pity for her family to loose her at such an early time and under such tragic circumstances! Farah Dibah often said and wrote how she regrets this and feels that she did not do enough to save her daughter who was suffering from an illness that is called "Chronic Fatigue Symptom", caused by the grief of losing her father and her country and other issues that made her feel melancholic and sad.

CFS also led her to have big difficulties with her studies (Princess Laila was studying) and I believe that the disappointment of not being able to live up to the expectations and being a good student at university added up to her other sorrows....

Here a short excerpt from a letter of Farah to her dead child:
Her young mother, Her Majesty the Empress Farah Diba, went to great lengths to ensure as ordinary a childhood as possible for her daughter. After the princess's death, the Empress, who now splits her time between New York and Paris, wrote a letter to a British newspaper. It is addressed to her dead child. It reveals a lot more than it was meant to.

'We made every effort to spend as much time with you as possible,' she wrote. 'But we could not be there always... this is the same with many working mothers. I could never bear it when your governess took you away from me.'

The letter is a thousand words long. It is curiously plaintive, almost apologetic.

'At dinner, if you were all sitting quietly under the supervision of the governess, you would cause a riot the moment your father set foot in the room. Your brother would spit the spinach out of his mouth, your sister would throw up her napkins and leave the table, but you would reach for his arm.

'For kindergarten, we organised a class within the palace grounds. Other children from different walks of life were selected to be with you, some of whom remained friends throughout your life. You were quite daring, a tomboy, and good at swimming, riding and cycling.'

Something very touching and sweet Princess Leila said about her parents in diverse magazines:
She gave the occasional interview to gossip magazines which reveal very little other than a sensitive, slightly dreamy, quiet and kind woman who spoke a lot about her mother - 'I feel so close to her... I have such confidence in her wisdom... I can tell her everything... but I know she is full of anguish for her country, for all Iranians, for us', and she referred constantly to Iran: 'There isn't a day when I don't think about my homeland, about the snowy summits in the pink of dawn, about our family holidays on the island of Kish in the Persian Gulf, about the rose gardens of Shiraz.' The Shah, she said, had been a good man who had been lied to by his advisors. He had always had the best interests of his country at heart.

->Read the full article here, it is very interesting,beautiful and balanced:

Another resourceful article: http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20134900,00.html

Excerpt from the article above:
Those who knew Leila well describe her as an unpretentious and exceptionally sensitive young woman. "She had an innocence in a way that is very rare nowadays," says Bagherzade. But she had been severely affected by the trauma of being uprooted from Iran. Not only was her family driven from their homeland, they were exiled at a time when her father was suffering from lymphatic cancer.

May her soul rest in peace & bless her mother who is still suffering enormously from this loss :rose:
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^ thank you for the info. I feel bad for Farah! She looked really upset and regretful at her documentary over Leila's death :(
Yes, losing a husband,her country,her status and two of her children is a very hard destiny! She also lost her father at a very young age,she wrote about this in her "Memoirs" a lot. To me she always seemed very serious and melancholic-even when she was still an empress she looked rather serious most of the time,I believe that only her children and husband made her really happy.
^ I agree, she carried Leila in her belly for 9 months and then she is gone forever. :( Amy mother would feel terrible. With the exile, it just make things harder for the empress.
Thank you both for reviving Leila's memory! :flowers:
Her story must not be forgotten, as it has a lot to teach us about nowadays!
The empress always seemed a very strong and serious woman and she truly was after loosing so much she kept continuing her everyday life.
But I think the death of prince Alireza was a really terrible blow she couldn't take
Late Princess Leila and her niece Princess Noor.

Princess Leila was so beautiful...
I'm so sad that why she is passed away early? :bang:
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