HIH Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi (1940- ), dau of the Shah & Fawzia

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Jun 24, 2005
HIH Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi, some of the pictures are whit her husband His excellency Ardeshir Zahedi and their daughter HIH Princess Mahnaz of Iran.
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Shahnaz was a beatiful young lady at those times...and she looked lovely with her little sister Farahnaz.

Do you know if Shahnaz and her siblings have a good relationship? I never saw a pic of them together after the Shah's coronation, nor heard them speaking about her...A strange silence is always surrounding Shahnaz...Poor princess. She spent a good part of her life alone...:(

Can a woman pass on a title in this family??
I know only that Princess Shahnaz was well relationship with Empress Farah. My opinion after, much too largely age difference between them. (Shahnaz and Reza/Farahnaz/Ali Reza/Leila)
More pictures of HIH Princess Shahnaz

With her grand-mother queen mother Taj-ol-moluk Pahlavi
with her aunt´s princess Ashraf, Fatemeh and Shams
with foreign guest
with her aunt HIH Princess Shams
with iranian/persian ladies
with her mother HIM QUEEN Fawzia
Princess Fawzia and Princess Shahnaz are really beauties at this last pic, Aryan. Thank you for posting it.

Yes a woman can pass on a title in the Imperial family of Iran, a women can even be crowned, as HIM Empress Farah was.
It must be really strange to have a big sister that could have been your mother! Shahnaz has a great difference of age with her little siblings Reza, Farahnaz, Alí and the recently passed away Leila....

Does anyone has a recent picture of "Princess Shahnaz"?
A fantastic beauty and the emerald tiara is awesome! Shahnaz is gorgeous and so are her daughters. Thanks so much!:)
Awww! Thank you! I don't know Fouzieh...How a nice beatiful girl. I think that both of them, Mahnaz and Fouzieh must be really grown up now...Do you know something about their lifes?

You almost think it's a bad thing, that the imperial family was overthrown, when you see these pictures.
Thanx Aryan for the pix..
She is pretty as well as her mother and daughters.
This the first time I see her daughters pictures.
Thanx again...
Yes I agree about it being a pity the family was overthrown,we would have seen some very GLITTERING pictues of them all.
Yes, I mean, they could have had a Europe-style monarchy, who just went around being pretty? He he...
Hey, Aryan! I never saw these before! They are wonderful. It seems that at those times, Shahnaz and Zahedi were quite well along...

What a nice photo! I never noticed her beatiful eyes before!...

HRH Princess Shanaz of Iran
i would like to know about you mother Empress Fawzia for me the most impressing woman in the world and i would like to know why you the oldest daughter of the last empereur of iran you don't fight for the iranian crown that is your by your own right
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