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Do we know if the divorce has already been finalized and what name the Begum has chosen for herself to be known as going forward?
According to this article they have divorced on October 3, 2011.
Her charity projects refer her as 'Princess Inaara', not 'Begum Aga Khan' anymore.
According to this article they have divorced on October 3, 2011.
Her charity projects refer her as 'Princess Inaara', not 'Begum Aga Khan' anymore.

Thanks but I doubt this is final since the website still says Aid Organisation of HH The Begum Aga Khan. We'll see what happens. Not sure she can still bear the Princess title of her first marriage.
The grandson of legendary actress Rita Hayworth was found dead of an apparent suicide in his Chelsea apartment, law-enforcement sources said today.
The body of Andrew Embiricos, 25, was found lying face-up on his bed, with a plastic bag over his head, inside his apartment at 270 W. 17th St. around 8:30 p.m. yesterday, sources said.
A friend, Aaron Edwards, made the grisly discovery.
No note was found at the scene.
Sources said Embiricos is believed to have tried to kill himself before.
Embiricos is the child of Hayworth’s daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, 61, a New York socialite who raises awareness for Alzheimer's. The princess rushed to her son's apartment after hearing the news last night. - Source

Rita Hayworth's grandson Andrew Embricio found dead in his New York apartment | Mail Online
It's such a great tragedy for his mother,as Andrew was her only child.
New materials revealed that Andrew had HIV disease,but he seemed to feel well and not to be drug addictive anymore:
"Michael Musto of The Village Voice last night said on his blog that Embiricos had “battled HIV and had been in rehab more than once to fight drug addictions.’’
But he added that the young man had been looking forward to an upcoming trip to London with a friend and had been doing well with his disease."

Rita Hayworth’s grandson found dead in apparent suicide - NYPOST.com

I 've observed that after Andrew's death ,Internet is full with his private (not so decent) pics,but I believe it had been better to cease posting them,at least from the respect to his mother's feelings.It would be better if they recall more his charity working projects,I do hope Princess Jasmine will be greatly supported by her relatives and friends in order to overcome the most terrible moments of sorrow.
I wonder what Andrew's religion is,I suppose he's Catholic.
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Rita Hayworth's grandson Andrew Embiricos found dead - mirror.co.uk

Andrew Embiricos
Mr. Andrew Embiricos received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Fordham University in New York City. While at Fordham, Andrew Embiricos started a charity group on Facebook aimed at providing clothing to people without adequate shelter in New York. Andrew Embiricos remains involved with charitable organizations, contributing to the Alzheimer's Association and an HIV/AIDS advocacy group.

PMc - In Memoriam: ANDREW EMBIRICOS 1985-2011

Rita Hayworth's Grandson Andrew Embiricos Found Dead In NYC Home

Andrew Embiricos, the grandson of Hollywood screen legend Rita Hayworth, was found dead in his New York City apartment in what police are calling an apparent suicide, but was it really suicide?
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Ismaili Muslims Celebrate The Birthday of Aga Khan On December 13th | Link Newspaper
On December 13th Ismaili Muslims all over the world celebrate the birthday of His Highness the Aga Khan.
The Aga Khan has always emphasised that diversity and pluralism are strengths rather than weaknesses. In keeping with his confidence in the pluralistic history, traditions and policiesof Canada, he has set up in Canada, the Global Centre for Pluralism, a research and education institute to be owned and operated by the Aga Khan Development Network in Canada as a non-denominational, non-profit, Canadian organization dedicated to fostering pluralism in developing countries.
Reflecting his commitment to Canada, the Aga Khan has also setupa number of other projects in Canada.

These include the Ismaili Centre Toronto, the Aga Khan Museum, and their park. The Aga Khan Museum, devoted to Islamic art, is an educational institution showcasing the intellectual, cultural, artistic and religious heritage of Muslim civilizations with their historic, cultural and geographic diversity.

The Aga Khan Museum has been designed by the award-winning Japanese architect, Fumihiko Maki, who also designed the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat in Ottawa.
The Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat on Sussex Drive in Ottawa serves as a representational role for the Imamat and the AKDN’s nine non-denominational, philanthropic, development agencies.
It is sad that there was no thread about this tragic Event for Princess Jasmine Kahn.
I bought Point de Vue and learned a lot about her parent’s wedding.
It is sad that there was no thread about this tragic Event for Princess Jasmine Kahn.
I bought Point de Vue and learned a lot about her parent’s wedding.
If it's possible,could you please,add some interesting additional information from "Point de Vue"?(as for me and probably for others it's impossible to get "Point de Vue")
What sad news! poor Yasmin. She had many years of taking care of her Mother who suffered from Alzheimer´s and now this tragedy. I hope God will give her lots of strentgh.
Aga Khan sails into eco storm over purchase of private tropical island in Bahamas | Mail Online
He owns and breeds hundreds of thoroughbreds in France and Ireland and his multi-million- pound super-yachts are invariably named after one of his champion nags.
But in winter if he isn’t racing or skiing in the Alps, the Aga Khan finds Europe a touch chilly and likes to point the nose of one of his private jets in the direction of somewhere warmer.
Unfortunately, his purchase of a private island in the Bahamas has become the subject of sharp criticism by less wealthy locals who disapprove of foreign investors moving to the islands and causing, they say, ecological damage.
RICHARD KAY: Divorced? Oh no we're not, says Aga | Mail Online
Prince Karim Aga Khan IV is not, in fact, free to re-marry. For he has decided to challenge the divorce which was reported settled by French courts on September 30.
He is taking his case to France’s highest court, the Cour de Cassation, which will delay any divorce for eight to 12 months.
For his estranged wife, the former Princess Gabriele zu Leiningen, the daughter of German entrepreneurs, who lived in Ascot with their son Aly until last year when she moved to Switzerland, it means she retains her titles as Her Highness the Begum Aga Khan.
BILD speculates that the Aga Khan is tired of getting married therefore he choses to keep his estranged wife so he doesnt have to marry his current girlfriend and supposed next Begum, Beatrice von der Schulenburg :D
He certainly doesnt dispute the divorce for financial reasons, 60 Mio is peanuts for him and he got away lightly by divorcing in France, not in the UK.
Aga Khan lässt die Begum nicht gehen! Doch keine Scheidung? - Leute - Bild.de
An interesting theory about Prince Agha Khan by Ismail Sloan (Part-III) | NewsPakistan.PK
According to the Ismailis, starting from Ali, the eldest son has always inherited the right to rule. The present Aga Khan, Prince Karim, is the 49th direct descendant in a male line down from Ali. His great-grandfather, Hasan Ali Shah, was given the title of Aga Khan by the Sultan of Persia.
And that is why Prince Karim is now the Aga Khan IV.

In the meantime His Highness the Aga Khan was last week awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa for his service to humanity.
South Asian Focus - The Voice of Brampton's South Asian Community
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HH Aga Khan III

http://www.newspakistan.pk/2011/11/03/Remembering Aga Khan III/

November 2 1877 is the birthday of Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III, born in Karachi and one of the architects of Pakistan.

Sir Aga Khan III, grandfather of the present spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslims, Prince Karim Aga Khan, spent his entire life serving Muslims with his great intellectual and leadership skills and personal resources. He will always be remembered as one of the most distinguished and well-reputed leaders and diplomats during Pakistan’s freedom movement. Sir Aga Khan, with his vast experience and personality of international stature, proved to be a responsible and productive mediator between the western world and the leaders of the subcontinent.

From every platform, he advocated free, universal, practically oriented primary education; improved secondary schools for Muslims, and a generous provision of government and private scholarships to enable talented Muslim students to study abroad. Sir Aga Khan established the first Aga Khan School in 1905 in Gwadar. Today, there are over 179 Aga Khan Schools all across Pakistan.

The first Muslim political organisation, The All India Muslim League, was formed in 1906 and Sir Aga Khan was chosen as its first president for six years. Aga Khan III also had the privilege to represent India at the Disarmament Conference and in the League of Nations. In 1937-38 he was unanimously elected as President of the League of Nations, the forerunner of the present United Nations Organisation. Sir Aga Khan died on 11 July 1957, and is interred in the Aga Khan Mausoleum at Aswan in Egypt.

v thumbnails
1. HH Aga Khan III
2. caricature from Vanity Fair, 1904
3. the Aga Khan Mausoleum, Aswan, Egypt

Images licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


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HH the Prince Karim Aga Khan was on holiday at Klosters ski resort with his youngest son Prince Aly, 11, by the Begum, from whom he split in 2004.
And he was accompanied by his long-term companion, divorcee Beatrice von der Schulenburg, a mother of four who has been enjoying the Aga’s company for five years. - Source
Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, imam of the Ismaili branch of the Shi'a Muslim faith, has said that an Ismaili center has been officially registered in Dushanbe under Tajikistan's law on religion.
Aga Khan Meets Tajik President

The Aga Khan attended the 91st edition of the Prix De L'Arc De Triomphe meeting at Longchamps racecourse, outside Paris on October 7, 2012.

** Pic **
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Yes it is very sad if the marriage is over. I remember well the big spread that Hello magazine did covering the wedding, it was very well done. It's always sad when a marriage breaks down.
? this article was printed in 2011

Yes. I said in my post that it was not a new article but I did not see any info posted in the thread about their divorce and wanted to use something as a reference rather than just saying that they are divorcing.
yes, I see now, it was mentioned on this thread on posting #128

Yes. I said in my post that it was not a new article but I did not see any info posted in the thread about their divorce and wanted to use something as a reference rather than just saying that they are divorcing.

Princess Yasmin Aga Khan attended the 2012 Alzheimer's Association Rita Hayworth Gala Tonight And Every Night at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York on October 23, 2012.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
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