HGD Guillaume Picture Thread, Part 2

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I think it is just the angle. In other pictures they look exactly the same from top to bottom. Henri's sword and Guillaume's sword and together.

They hold them at different levels and the lighting and angle is different but they look the same to me. Probably standard issue the same as every other officer in the Luxembourg Army uses or perhaps the antique ceremonial swords worn by previous Grand Dukes and princes of the house. I'm sure they still have those laying around somewhere.
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I can't say much besides he really looks handsome! Happy 30th to him!
He was so cute as a child, and still cuter as he turn 30!! Happy 30th birthday, Guillaume, we all love you! <3
I've not watched him grow up, as some of you have - so I opened the pictures with some trepidation. But he is indeed a very handsome and noble looking young man!
He was a very cute, perfectly normal looking kid. :p
He IS handsome! Always thought so when looking at pictures taken over years. On another thread I said he was more winsome than handsome, but actually he is both winsome and handsome.
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