HGD Guillaume, Current Events 1 to 8: January 2003 - January 2007

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bad_barbarella said:
hehe i think hes my new favourite hehe untill felix gets treated by fab 5
hehehehe...hopefully the Fab 5 treats him soon!!! but i'm sure even if they don't some one with a big mouth will tell him how silly the goatee and moustache looks on him...i mean Guillaume's facial hair didn't stay around for long some one must have pointed it out that it just looks wrong on him hahaha
You'd be suprised. Some men don't care about what others think about their facial hair and only care about their own opnion.
why he is 20... 20 yr old guy dont have mustaches... there is something wrong with that boy... man i thought when his brother did it it was bad... u think he would learn... and at least his brother knows how to get his hair cut

yes it is very strange swapping brothers lol insestuace
hm...so no news about Guillaume still hey? golly what's up with him these days? hahahaha...he really has achieved the 'privacy' celebrities sought after!
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:eek: does anyone know when he will take the thrown... in the last artical from that 60th annerversairy they said the 2 crown princes... is anyone else confused :confused:
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2 crown princes? I don't get that at all. But chances are that he will not take the trone until he is around his father's age and has a big family.
That must be a mistake - you just can't have two crown princes!

Ladies - there's a poll, "Who is your favourite European heir to the throne?" in the Royal Chit Chat sub-forum and - horror - Guillaume is coming last! Cast your votes, if you please...
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Excellent - he's coming fourth now, which is a vast improvement! Go Guillaume!
I think that Guillaume is not ready to take his father place. Guillaume is in the middle of his training as crown prince
legnavirginia2006 said:
I think that Guillaume is not ready to take his father place. Guillaume is in the middle of his training as crown prince
Well, it takes time. His father didn't become a Grand Duke until he had raised a family.
Well the Grand Duke isn't really old compared to other Queens and Kings^__^ i think he will be on the throne for a long while....so Guillaume probably won't succeed to the throne at a young age unless the Grand Duke abdicates...
who knows louis may end up sitting on the thrown caz guillame and felix may stuff up
Golly...i hope that doesn't happen...i hope Guillaume will be the Grand Duke someday! ^___^
I think the only way Louis is going to make it to the throne is if Guillaume and Felix really screw up or they both die without a male heir.

And lets hope that doesn't happen. I think Guillaume is obviously more prepared. I don't think taking the throne has even entered Louis's mind.
I was wondering...if guillaume becomes Grand Duke...what does the other Princes and the Princess do? do they lead 'normal' lives and work for a living?
I am sure the siblings of a Grand Duke are given some responsibilties in running the state. Although what they are is up to the Grand Duke and themselves. I can see Alexandra doing a lot of humanitarian work or something.

They do live more "normal" lives but if they don't want to live a more normal life it is up to them to make it not normal.:)
cool...thanks for answering my question RoseMary ^___^ do you by any chance also know whether a Luxembourg Royal has a non-Royal job like a doctor, lawyer or anything? ^___^ i'm curious...hehehehe
quite true everyone. they're all going to have to find something constructive to do with their time, whether it be as a private or public person.
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