HGD Guillaume, Current Events 1 to 8: January 2003 - January 2007

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What is the foundation ball and when is it? Does it have to do with the Kraizbierg foundation?
do both of the older boys have stuff to do with that foundation omg u could go as cinderella :p ask donnatella versace to be your fairy godmother :)
I doubt both of them do the same thing. If Felix is a part of any organization, it wouldn't be one that Guillaume is a part of.
I think so.

Guillaume is an active member of the Luxembourg Scout Movement and president of the Economic Development Board.
Do you have any pic of guillaume to visit North America in 19-23 sep, 2004?

I don't know if this was ever posted:

Guillaume, on a 9/23/2002 visit to New York, rang the opening bell at the NYSE, gave an award to Dupont, and laid flowers at "ground zero." Dupon has a plant in Luxembourg.
Here's some photos from the 2002 visit:


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Thanks so much for the picture and articles, ysakuraba!

And I love how they refer to the Grand Duke as "King Henri" in the Korean paper. Hee.
I have heard threw the grapevine. That this spring Guillaume will be making an appearance in Oxford, Ohio, where the University of Miami Ohio. I went there to see the campus because instead of taking classes there I might be working as a Travel consultant for some of the students and professors.

It seems the French program is having trouble recruiting. But it is purely speculation from one of the VP there.
Happy Birthday!

Happy 23rd Birthday Guillaume.

And we must remember that this day is also Remembrance Day. Lest We forget.:(

Any news or a birthday party of anything? perhaps he will have a secret royal gathering like Prince Amedeo ^____^ lets hope this time there will be many pics :)
Is he in Luxembourg right now? Hopefully there will be a big celebration and lots of pics!
I wouldn't count on there being many pics if any. He is away at Durham. But I too am hoping to see how he celebrates his birthday too.
I will have my fingers crossed.
I can't find any pictures of Guillaume's birthday celebration. I looked at some of the photo agency's and haven't found anything. I even looked at some newspapers from around Durham and nothing popped up.
mabye it takes a week for them to devolp them and get them up on there webs... thanks for searching
audrey2731 said:

i know i rarely post on here, but i do come quite a bit. i think i come on here like every week or so. i must i admit i don't really know the royal family of luxembourg. but they seem like a loving family for what i can see. i'm kinda fascinated but royal families in general and i just discovered them. i think it's mostly coz i'm from canada and we don't have any over here!!! and i'm also fascinated by their houses (or castles to us normal people!!!).

anyway, i was just wondering where i could find pictures of guillaume and pia or pia by herself. i can't find any topics about her!!!

keep up you're good work guys, and it's always enjoyable to read ur posts!!!
HEya Audrey2731!!! You are just like me i'm fascinated in Royals because of they're castles as well!!! ^____^ i love the Versailles i think it is one of the grandest and beautiful casltes!!! oh you can find topicsabout Pia in Guillame's old threads ^__^
Anyway, where is HGD Guillaume at the moment? I guess he's still at university. I haven't seen him since - well, actually I can't remember... Felix seems to have been out and about a lot recently, though. He seems to be taking a more active role in the grand ducal family which is nice to see.
Yes Guillaume suddenly seems to have disappeared...maybe he concentrating on university exams...by the way does Felix attend university???
Felix is at the European business school in London, isn't he? As for Guillaume, he's fallen off the edge of the map it seems.
AUssie Aussie Aussie...


i dont understand why felix is like around alot more than his brother... guillaume may be hidding lol...

i would prefer to be an ex gf of a prince at least u will be famous and could date heaps more cool guys

do u think these boys would ever date anyone from another country
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