HGD Guillaume, Current Events 1 to 8: January 2003 - January 2007

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Also, how does the British University system work? What year/month will he officially graduate?
I am not sure about what year or month he will graduate, hopefully someone will help us more on that.

As for where they live: The Grand Duke and his family (wife and children) along with HRH Prince Guillaume and Princess Sybilla and thier family all reside in Cohmar-Berg which is the Castle Berg. I will post some photos for you. The former Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte live in Fischbach castle, I believe that is more in the city ?
i thought it was the other way round... jc and jean living in colman berg and henri, teresa and sons living in fischbach...
help his father,work for the lux people,I think.so we have chances to meet him if we go to Lux,just like <Roman Holiday>,ha !
it would be great if he starts working with her father... we will have more photos of him more often...
:s i think that's all... what else can he do?
Oh i read somewhere that he worked in a back O__O??? so i'm asking to make sure its true...???
henri? maybe you mixed up with lorentz of belgium, amedeo's father... :p
Hi everybody !
No, sorry, I'm still here, but busy with my work (I'm a violinist and I often travel. And moreover, my boyfriend is a conductor, so, we are always on the road.). But I did not forget you, friends of the Lux Royals, and I've just read that you were all wondering if I told Guillaume to come here ?
Well, I did not, because I saw him just 5 or 10 minutes at a reception for the Conservatoire and in April in Esch for Davis Cup.
Nice guy, but I found he has put on weight, but very nice to meet him. His brother... VERYYYYYYYYYYY handsome, God !!! But I did not have so many relations with him.
i did not know if this year the Lux were at Cabasson, in France, where they have a house.
So, here it was I can tell you.
Bis bald, dear Luxemburgerfreundlichen !
karajan! your presence is always welcomed here. many thanks for all your information.

who of his brothers are you talking about? felix? by the way, thanks for asking to my question about cote d'azur.
Thanks, Karajan for your views about the Lux royals!
Guillaume has put on some weight.
To me, Louis and Sebastian resemble Henri.
I think it's Felix.
Hi !
I'm talking of Guillaume !!! i do not know Felix very well, I only have his mail adress, but we do not write. Guillaume, it's true, have put on weight, but I think he looks more mature, more "man" than before. But the beard was... awful !!! Louis resembles HEnri, true, but Sébastien (be careful, it's no German name) looks like his mother I think. Alexandra resembles his father too. In the family, all have one common point : big very big feet !!!
Bis bald, liebe Luxemburgerfreundlichen !

Thank You so much from coming back here to visit us. Nice to see that you met HRH. I have to ask, is his vocal high pitch or low pitch?
Heya Karajan ^__^ i love the violin and the Luxembourg royals so we already have something in common ^___^ did you take pictures with them by any chance?
I usually see Sébastien's name spelled wrong. Thanks for setting me straight.

Thanks for the updates. I totally agree with you. I don't think Pia Haraldsen was how the press portrayed her.
Karajan I agree with you about Guillaume gaining weight. It makes him look much older. But what do you expect? I mean most people gain weight at university.

Also, I'm finding the whole big feet thing hilarious because I just got back from work about an hour ago. Today I had to help sell dance shoes- the sizes on them make even my feet look big!

Oh, I forgot to mention this. But you know what they say about guys with big shoes, right?
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Hi everybody !
Wow, lots of question...
1. I must have photos of Guillaume playing the violin, but must find them. We were in the same classe with Claude Krier at the Conservatoire, and he still support us for recordings, or concerts.
2. big feets... Well, just look at Henri ! I got a photo of the whole family I could scan for you, and you just see one thing : their enormous feets. And yes, I know what people say about boys with big feets... But I can not tell for Guillaume, never tested !!!
3. I must have some press articles in French, that, if you want, I could scan.
4. Cabasson in near Toulon, in the south east of France. Just in front of Bregancon, where the President CHIRAC has his national house. The Nassaus have a house and some beaches there. And you can often meet them in the little town.
5. Luxemburgerfreundlichen... You probably know French that work in luxemburg do not really love Luxemburger... And so, Luxemburgerfreundlichen, in German, mean, the one who love Luxemburger, opposite to Luxemburgerfeindlich, the one who hate Luxemburger.
6. Luxemburgisch is a language, very difficult to write, but that you can easily understand if you speak french and german. hello = MOIEN, bye = ÄDDI, ... Could explain you if you're interested !
So, hope you're ALL all right,
Bis bald,
thanks or the info and the photo! it's a pity guillaume didn't go to your concert... well, maybe he played the violin with you... which is even better!

by the way, i also agree that guillaume has gained some weight, however, he is every day cutter. i prefer him to be like this, to extremly thin. what do you mean by gaining weight at university? i hope i don't!

äddi! :)
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Thanks for the photo.

I found this about birthday's
Guillaume - November 11th, 1981
William - June 21st 1982. (Hope I'm right)
Guillaume is so dreamy!!!

I know several students who gain 10 to 15 pounds at university. I did by eating out a lot.
thanks heaps Karajan its soooo cool that there is some one who knows Guillaume and can clarify stuff for us ^__^ do you still keep in contact with him? Oh and is he a REALLY shy person that he appears to be?
What I mean is that here in the states, almost everyone gains weight durring their first year of college. But I do realize Guillaume is going into his third year of university.
Oh rere you are right ,Guillaume is older than Wills,ha !

gaggleofcrazypeople said:
What I mean is that here in the states, almost everyone gains weight durring their first year of college. But I do realize Guillaume is going into his third year of university.

And I'm going to my first year of university,ha ! so ,well ,anyone of you guys is study in England or just going to? If I can choose ,i will immediately goin' to Durham!
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My school sponsers a study abroad program at University of Durham. I might study abroad there in 2006 but Guillaume would have already graduated.. I think?
when will you be going there? according to my counts he is graduating in 2 years...
If I decide to go to England to study abroad at University of Durham, I would be there fall 2006
well, it's only good for politics, languages and that kind of humanistic and social studies. there's no point in going there if you like for example technical or artistical degrees.
Yea so I have heard. I plan to double major in History and Political Science so University of Durham is a good choice for me.
Karajan, I have a question

Does the Luxemburg Conservatory of Music have a website? What kind of activities is Guillaume involved in there?

*Sorry, this question is from the old Guillaume thread. It is hard to read them all when you are new!*
I'm sure Guilliaume will one day find "the one" who trully loves him for him. Just imagine the fuss the boys cause in Luxembourg with the girls (about like Harry and William in GB, young Felipe in Spain, etc.).

An ex is an ex for a reason. Maybe it was a setup that didn't work? The Norway and Lux royals are close. Does she need to move to the Norwegian forum?

Hope this works - pictures of Guilliaume. The first is his debut. The third is a picture from his great grandmother Grand Duchess Charlotte's funeral. I posted it because it's rare. Hope this doesn't offend anyone.


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