HGD Guillaume, Current Events 1 to 8: January 2003 - January 2007

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ochan said:
hi!! i'm new here!!!!

do you have any new photos from guillaume? i think he's handsome...

Hi and welcome! :) Unfortunately we don't have any new photos of him at the moment, but why not check out this thread for some fairly recent pictures?
Have fun!
gaggleofcrazypeople said:
Maybe he went back to university.
I hope so. I think it's important for everyone to at least have some college experience and in his position it looks really good to finish college.
I hope Guillaume finishes his education, after all he will govern Luxembourg one day and having a qualification behind him would be a good thing ..
Maybe by attending functions and doing public stuff his gaining extra credit..;):)
If he would be going back to college, would this college be Durham?
what his major at university? politics or economic?
From what I've noticed it seems like Political Science is required for all those in line for a throne.
Yes, yes. You would think someone in line for the throne should know the political aspects of the world. ;)
To me it just seems slightly unfair that they're basicly required to study political science. Most don't want to study more than one subject at a time. So if any royals wanted to study something that they actually liked at college they'd have to go through studying 2 subjects and a lot of homework.
I did think of a way he could have gotten credit for all the appearances he has mead during the year. Since he did go do things hands on I wouldn't be surprised if he had to write a huge report over everything he did and analyze how the effects will relate to other situations and what not.
I could be wrong. I'm just bored and letting my mind wander over anything and everything.
I read MT took Political science in University.
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MarleyAllison said:
I read MT took Political science in University.

Henri did too, that's how they met...they both studied political science at the University of Geneva. And truthfully, I'm surprised that Guillaume didn't decide to attend school there and follow in his parents' footsteps.
Oh well. To each his own!
O.K. I am a little confused. So, is Guillaume attending Durham University?? Is he done, or is it still unknow. Also, if he's finished with Durham, will he be continuing his education? --where?
well, in an addition of place royale, it said he was in london, studying intl. politics. perhaps he transfered out of durham to lse (london school of economics).
Why is it so easy to keep track of - say - William and Harry in the media, and yet these Luxembourg boys are so elusive!? :D We have no idea what they're up to! One moment they're at a particular uni, the next they're not; one moment they're clean shaven, the next they're not!
London school of economics? That is where Felix went after Sandhurst. But he transfered out. Where did you get that info?
gaggleofcrazypeople said:
London school of economics? That is where Felix went after Sandhurst. But he transfered out. Where did you get that info?

i believe it was the episode of place royale( i don't remember the date, seems like it was one of the nov episodes; at the rtl website under video archive) that was done around his b'day. i know german and a little french, and i was able to pick that up, although the vid was probably in luxembourgish.
hey girls..my account was recently activated ..I'm very happy.. haha.. yet I read all your messages and I find very interesting the things you discuss.. by the way.. does anybody know if guillaume or any other member of the royal family is attending february's winter olympic games in Italy? (from 10th feruary to 21st, I think).. because yesterday I looked for some info and there are some luxembuguese athelts participating.. so maby they were going to see them.. who knows.. I remebrer they were present in Athens on 2004
They probably will make an appearance in Torino....
Mathilde1286 said:
How do you figure?

Henri is a member of the International Olympic Committee.....I would assume that he shows up at most of the games. :)
mmm.. I don't think so girls.. he is waiting for me.. haha..
seriously we should figure out some way to get to know him... :p :rolleyes:
I'll get a hold of one of my friends' computers and let you know if they're there while I'm there. A couple of my buddies qualified for the Olympic team in Snowboarding and they invited me to come with. So if I see any of the royals while I'm there I'll try for some pics and let you all know.
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