HGD Guillaume, Current Events 1 to 8: January 2003 - January 2007

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I think he is much more handsome with out the facial hair. He is still to fresh and young for the facial hair to work for him.
Danielle said:
http://img27.imageshack.us/my.php?image=008435802iy.jpg (posted by Purple_Platinum in the Christening of Prince Christian thread)
HGD Guillaume at the Christening. At first I thought I liked what he wore when I saw him for 2 seconds during the broadcast, but seeing this, I don't really like it. Orange and blue have never been my favourite colours to go together. I think a white shirt and maybe a plum coloured tie would look nicer. Even a white shirt and an orange tie, but not blue and orange. And why has he decided to grow back the facial hair? He looks so good without it. :(

I've seen him in worse. He definately doesn't have a girfriend. If he did, she wouldn't let him look like this.
Argh. He looks so scruffy! There is a handsome man underneath that goatee.
Although I'll readily admit his hair looks good. XD
Wow! I really think he still looks very handsome! I don't think he could ever look ugly to me. ORange and Blue are my college's school colors. :)

His hair looks cute to me, and his weight seems to bring a kind of "cute teddy bear, lean on me" look...IDK, I just think he looks fine. :)
HGD Guillaume's suit fits better than other ones I have seen him wear. :) Schools in the U.S. have orange and blue as their colors. The colors - orange and blue - can go together. If the tie is a print, I can see one wearing a blue or orange shirt. Also, it was nice to see Guillaume at a royal function. Is he still in school?

Maybe, Guillaume was attending to find himself a girlfriend - maybe a guest (Theodora or a girl from Denmark).
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Hmm...maybe. Why was he there? He wasn't a godparent...maybe he was just a rep from Luxembourg??
Mathilde1286 said:
Hmm...maybe. Why was he there? He wasn't a godparent...maybe he was just a rep from Luxembourg??

You're right, he was Luxembourg's representative. Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien were there for the Netherlands; for Belgium, Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde.
I did not see anyone from the royal families of Spain, the UK, Liechtenstein, or Monaco.
Ignoring the scruffiness, I liked how he looked. I painted a room orange and blue a few years ago and I can say that Guillaume looks better in the colors than the room does!:D
Blue and orange are actually complamentary colors on the color wheel. It's just one shade should be significantly darker than the other. If the tie was just a shade darker it would look better than it does. Although I think it doesn't look that bad. And that's copming from someone studying Fashion Design in College.
I am not a supporter of Guillaume's facial hair either, but I think Guillaume's facial hair is not as bad as last years.
Guillaume really need to get in shape...right now, his father looks better than he is.

but on the upside, i'm really glad, as future heir, he already participated in so many events, particularly in 2005 and until now... the enthronement of prince albert of monaco, become godfather of prince emmanuel of belgium, and now attend christening of prince christening.
comparing to young royal with similar future like him, let say Prince William, Guillaume is definitely very well prepared.
i know William still has his father ahead of him in the succession, but i've always think it's a shame he rarely interact with foreign royals..
You can't expect perfection. He does alot. No other royal his age does as many royal duties as he does. Besides, if he really got in shape, he would probably considerd to be a Felix wannabe.
Did anyone else notice that the caption on the photo says Marie Chantal and Pavlos of Greece when it's obviously Guillaume?
yeah i kind of noticed that, the least the people who run these sites could do was find the correct name. :rolleyes:
MarleyAllison said:
yeah i kind of noticed that, the least the people who run these sites could do was find the correct name. :rolleyes:

The photographers of press agencies are not known for their brilliance in recognizing royalty....I once saw a picture that was clearly the Bulgarian Crown Prince and his wife [Kardam and Miriam] and it was labeled "Prince and Princess Guillaume of Luxembourg blah blah blah...."
So, let's count:
1] It was Crown Prince Kardam and Crown Princess Miriam of Bulgaria, NOT Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla. Duh! I mean, Guillaume and Kardam would not easily be confused- one is short and squat, one is tall and thin, one has glasses, one doesn't, one is balding, one has a lot of hair.
2] Princess Sibilla is just that- "HRH Princess Sibilla". She is not known as "Princess Guillaume". She has her own title [I believe because Guillaume was given official permission to marry her]. The only time that a wife is called by her husband's title is when he is no longer a member of a reigning royal house, I believe [which is why Marie-Chantal is known as Crown Princess Pavlos, officially, and not Crown Princess Marie-Chantal].

So, pay scant attention to those captions. They're wrong half the time anyhow. ;)
gaggleofcrazypeople said:
They don't look alike at all. Why did they do that?

Beats me! It amazes me that these photographers don't even bother to double-check who they're taking pictures of.
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gaggleofcrazypeople said:
I was just thinking, has Guillaume ever scared any small children with his new beard?

It's sleeping-time, if Dracula comes around ;) ...

I like it. he looks older, not like a little boy.
He does look older but I think that he looks just too old. I showed a picture of him to my friend and she thought he was thirty-something!
gaggleofcrazypeople said:
I was just thinking, has Guillaume ever scared any small children with his new beard?
In the picture of him and his cousin at the rememberance memorial not that long ago she doesn't seem one bit scared of him So I don't think he's scared any little kids.
He may not frighten little kids, but I bet his younger relatives make fun of him all the time! :)
hi!! i'm new here!!!!

do you have any new photos from guillaume? i think he's handsome...
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