HGD Guillaume, Current Events 1 to 8: January 2003 - January 2007

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Thanks for the pics, he seems to be doing well. And it's nice to see another young person doing good works.:)
and other picture.

from cover.es


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He's pretty hotwhat. :p

Seriously, what a wonderful young man. I could sing his praises all day long.
yup, guillaume really does seem to be the sweetie. *sighs. awww. they all do.
He does look like a really nice guy....but does anyone else think his eyebrows are a bit thin, like he overwaxed them?:rolleyes:
they look the same to me. *shrugs. perhaps they're falling out, mine are thining out b/c of age.
Wow! It is so amazing to see a young person doing great things for the community! He seems to be charming, well-educated, loving, (not to mention very good-looking:)) and he obviously has a HUGE heart!! :)
What more could you want in a man?? :)
those pictures

Those photos look pretty good. Thanks for posting them, I never saw them before.:)
Other pictures from national day:) from newscom:D


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Others:p again from newscom:rolleyes:


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If he does any fake tanning I think he should do the spray on tan. It's more even and realistic than the rub on.
Pictures I found in cover.es

:D :D Please tell me what do you think of these pics:D :D


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Those photos look good. See this is what I like, honest fans well some of yall in my opinion are fanatics, but yall folks are honest fans too and that's cool. No harm is done.:D I like being a member here, especially where I can express my opinions and read fellow members of this forum too,
:cool: LET'S KEEP IT UP YALL:cool: .

So, what's in store for Guillaume in upcoming months? Any scheduled events or information on what he'll be up to?

(fanaticism? well, it's word now!)
Bonjour a tous:p ! I found pics on the site of Kraizbierg foundation but I can't post them because they are too big:( ! So, go to the site and click on 'Communiqué de presse' and you'll find four pictures of prince Guillaume;) .

hee hee, he looks like he's gained a bit of weight. :)
he looks ADORABLE!! hehe!! :)
gaggleofcrazypeople said:
His weight is never consistant, is it?

Perhaps he is very busy, or stressed-out? I know that when I am either one of those things my appearance isn't exactly a top priority.
I could be making this up, but I think I saw in there that he likes rock music and classical music...... Can anyone confirm that please?:rolleyes:
ShksprNLov said:
I could be making this up, but I think I saw in there that he likes rock music and classical music...... Can anyone confirm that please?:rolleyes:

Yes, he does like classical music as well as "contemporary" music (I guess that would be modern music?) :)
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gaggleofcrazypeople said:
Can we get a full translation?

I'll try, but my english is bad :rolleyes:

Portrait of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg

Guillaume, the heir

Guillaume of Luxembourg was born November 11th, 1981 as oldest of five children of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. He was followed 1984 by Prince Félix, 1986 by Prince Louis, 1991 by Princess Alexandra and 1992 the youngest Prince Sébastien (here’s a mistake, they wrote Sebastian – that’s the german version of Sébastien).

After the Abitur, which made Guillaume in Switzerland, he began training in September 2001 as an officer at the royal military academy of Sandhurst in Great Britain. Like his parents the young man engages himself for disadvantaged and handicapped people. Since 2000 he is a chairman of the donation „Kraeizbierg“, which uses itself for handicapped ones. Besides he took the presidency in the „Board OF Economic development“ of his father and engages himself in addition for the pathfinder movement of Luxembourg

Sport and music as Hobbies

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume is a true language talent: Apart from its native language Laetzeburgisch he speaks French, English, German and Spanish. Among his large Hobbies the music ranks. He took some years piano instruction and hears in such a way the monarch not only rock- but also classical music. His spare time spends Guillaume of Luxembourg with the sport. He plays football, tennis, goes swimming, sailing and skiing.


there's nothing about the violine.

HGD Guillaume: Current Events 5 (August - October 2005)

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