HGD Guillaume, Current Events 1 to 8: January 2003 - January 2007

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if anyone's interested, i just posted some pics of guillaume and his whole family during christmas over on the latest news thread. if anyone would like for me to post them here, please feel free to let me know. btw, not to alarm anyone, he looks as if he's got a 5 o'clock shadow on his face. let's hope he isn't about to do a repeat of last year and join his brother and earn himself a spot in the bad facial hair hall of fame :D.
Yes, sometimes he does actually seem to have a five o'clock shadow, it not that weird. Hopefully he got a razor for Christmas.
no, hopefully both brothers got razors and gel for christmas, hehehe.
bad_barbarella said:
back on topic girls ;) Guillaume actually has to get a job?
He is an honarary chairman of some economic board and is also involved in some persons with disability organization.
wow...good on Guillaume ^__^ Most royals are patrons of one or more charites/organizations, is he a patron of any charity yet?
the only two things that i can think of are, the charity for people with special needs, and another business type one. but i forget what that one is called
Guillaume is about Prince William's age right? hm...Guillaume seems to been more involved with his Royal duties than Prince William...
hillary_nugent said:
Guillaume is about Prince William's age right? hm...Guillaume seems to been more involved with his Royal duties than Prince William...
I think it's because William is not the direct heir to the throne yet- Charles is. There really isn't a reason for William to have any royal duties. I think the British royals are just praying that he makes it through school.
Guillaume, however, is directly next in line. He's very aware of his position. Cutie. :)
Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume at the funeral of his dear grandmother Josephine-Charlotte

I find it a good idea to post some pictures of Guillaume from last saturday's funeral in his thread. One could see that he was deeply in greef!:(
It was certainly a very sad day for him as for the whole family and the whole funeral was public!

1.to 5. Guillaume in the funeral procession for his dear grandmother accompanying his mother Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, his father Grand Duke Henri, his uncle King Albert II of Belgium and his aunt Queen Paola of Belgium
6. to 9. very emotional pics in the church
10. after a pray


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11. another picture of Guillaume in the funeral procession
12. father and son in the funeral procession
13. after the requiem in the cathedral
14. to 20. more pictures of Guillaume in the funeral procession accompanying his mother Maria Teresa, his father Henri, his uncle Albert II of Belgium and his aunt Fabiola, behind him his uncle Prince Jean, his uncle Archduke Carl-Christian of Austria, his aunt Archduchess Marie Astrid, his uncle Prince Guillaume, his aunt Princess Sibilla, his aunt Princess Margaretha and his uncle Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein


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21. Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume in the funeral procession
22. preparing to go reading in honour to Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte with his cousins Princess Marie-Christine of Austria, Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau and Princess Maria Anunciata of Liechtenstein
23. Guillaume reading some emotional words in Luxembourgish which were very approved by the public

Note: For Guillaume it was the second funeral after the funeral of his great-grandmother Charlotte at 15.07.1985 (but I think he didn't participate with 3 years and 8 months at that one)


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Drimal, do you know please if there is a transcript of Guillaume's speech for his grandmother? :)
A transcript would be so awesome. Does anyone know if there was a video? Because then we could hear him speak.... *sigh of happiness*
there isn't a translation, but what was said by the grandchildren during the funeral is on the government website, under the funeral programme; it's in pdf format. perhaps drimal can translate what was said for us. hehe.
The prayer of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume in the church
Prince Guillaume spoke in Luxembourgish: Papp am Himmel, du hues onser léiwer Groussmamm erlaabt, dem Lëtzebuerger Land ze déngen fir dat och mir no hirem Beispill fi déi do sinn, deenen mir op eisem Wee begéinen.​
Translation:Our Lord, you have permitted our dear grandmother, to be in service of Luxembourg, so that we are looking for those which we meet on our way and follow her example.​
woohoo new thread ^___^

well i guess Guillaume is still mourning the death of his grandmother :(

i read somewhere that he will be attending a rememberance mass today for her...
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