Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 12: June 2023 -

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But those voluminous pants are very much the fashion of today! Almost all royal ladies are wearing these pants, it is what we call the "Marlene Dietrich Look" . Stephanie seems to be comfortable with that look as probably any woman who doesn't have the frame for "skinny jeans", which seem luckily to be out of fashion nowadays
That style doesn't suit Stephanie's silhouette whether they are the rage or not. Anyway she has always worn them whether or not they are in fashion.

The only thing that really saves her is that the men and women who surround her are not usually well turned out either-so she doesn't stand out.

The color of the blazer is fabulous and the earrings are gorgeous.
The colour is nice but not a fan of the design of Stéphanie's outfit.
HGD Stéphanie visited the CIPA Grand-Duchesse Joséphine-Charlotte in Junglinster yesterday, May 15 - the dress looks great on her:

** Full view ** Upper part **
The dress is fine, but she should have discarded the belt. It bisects her, and detracts from the overall view of the dress. A matching belt would give a better appearance.
The previous dress was more flattering than that suit. It doesn't make her look good.
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