Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 3: June - December 2013

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That´s true, I was just re-reading the comment I made yesterday and I laugh about my own stupid mistakes!
Because I am not a frequent church-goer (for reasons that are off-topic), I have made several mistakes.
I am trying to set it straight now and made a little list, feel free to correct me or add anything:)

1)men are expected to take off their hats in church

2)at Latin masses (which are very very rare,I only know 2 churches in my city that do it like in the old days)
every woman has to cover her hair and wear modest clothes that do not show any cleavage or bare shoulders.

3)in some countries & regions women have developed very elaborate headgear that is traditionally worn in church or for festive occasions- just think of the Spanish "mantilla"->Mantilla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
or the wedding veil!Most young women do not know about these old traditions,but there are many women who keep up the old traditions and still wear and/or create these old hats and decorative headgear.
In the very religious& traditional place where my mother grew up, many old women cover their head with a dark veil which is either kept simple or decorated with (often hand-made) embroidery or traditional floral elements.

4)catholic nuns always cover their head and wear very traditional clothes

5)There is a wikipedia entry about this topic too: Christian headcovering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here in the U.S. most dioceses have at least one parish that offers Latin Mass and some have more than one.

Latin Mass or Mass in the venacular either one, women should avoid dressing immodestly to begin with. No reason to show cleavage or alot of bare skin at Mass. Here (Latin Mass) typically skirts to just below the knee, sleeves to the elbows and nothing lower cut, mantillas are common.

You do sometimes see head coverings on women at non-Latin Masses.

I don't know what type of Mass Stephanie and her husband attend so no idea if the scarves she carries around have anything to do with religious reasons.

Stephanie usually uses her scarves to cover her knees when sitting down. The same thing is done by the Grand Duchess as to not have any unfortunate pictures taken, I presume.

The dress she wore in New York City was worn by her mother-in-law for the gala at national day a few years ago. (Picture)
Thanks Sydney. I must say it looks better on Stephanie!
Wearing her MILs old clothes explains a lot.
Wearing her MILs old clothes explains a lot.

Clothes sharing in a very common occurence within the Grand Ducal Family.

Both Princess Tessy and Princess Alexandra have worn Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa's clothes in the past. Also, Stéphanie, Alexandra and Tessy have shared clothes before. Even Claire has been borrowing accessories from the Grand Duchess. Archduchess Marie-Astrid can be regularly spotted in clothes of the late Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte and she and her sister, Princess Margaretha, have worn old dresses of their Belgian aunts, Queen Fabiola and Queen Paola, in the past. Princess Margaretha's oldest daughter Anunciata has also worn a ball gown skirt of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa (but chose a different top part to go with it).

All the dresses in the picture above have been worn by a number of family members. The dress by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa now obviously by Stéphanie, Alexandra's dress has been worn by Tessy at the birthday ball of Princess Maria Galitzine and Nina Peers de Nieuwburgh and Tessy's dress is an old dress by the Grand Duchess (worn on a number of occassions) and also worn by Alexandra at the silver wedding anniversary of Prince Nikolaus and Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein.
Stephanie looks really lovely. From what I can see, the dress suits her.
Wearing her MILs old clothes explains a lot.

In her last few public appearances she has looked sensational, and the National Day outfits were all her own. It's not as if everything she wears is MT's.

The poor girl is damned if she does, and hopeless if she doesn't. :sad:
The gown looks great on her, but I don't care for the strap across the front. I'd love to see a closeup of it, along with her hair and jewels.
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Same here. The strap across the front is not a plus, but it's still a beautiful gown, imo.

I hope we get more photos.
She looked outstanding in the silver gown! Beautiful look.
She looks very good, and more comfortable and confident.
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I love the jacket and the top but I dislike the pants.
Agree about the coat and blouse; but once again, the pants are too baggy on her. She needs a more tapered look.
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Well, the pants have the same old problem. But I like the rest
Agree about the coat and blouse; but once again, the pants are too baggy on her. She needs a more tapered look.

Maybe she is self-conscious about her hips. She is not even close to being chubby, but that part of her anatomy is rather healthy looking.;)

I've only seen her in tight jeans once, during the Small States Games.
Maybe she is self-conscious about her hips. She is not even close to being chubby, but that part of her anatomy is rather healthy looking.;)

I can certainly understand that kind of thinking. However, I think that if she were slacks that were just a little more fitted, she would look better. These baggy slacks make her look a bit unkempt. I love the blouse, and the jacket.
I agree Daria S, or maybe a jacket/blazer that just skims the hip area. The flared pants are neither stylish nor flattering, imo.
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I agree Daria S, or maybe a jacket/blazer that just skims the hip area. The flared pants are neither stylish nor flattering, imp.

In complete agreement about the flared pants. Yes, she can always wear a cardigan or a blazer that can cover the hips. That would look great with straight-leg, or skinny dress slacks.
I really do love that blouse, it's very elegant as are the earrings. That's what frustrates me about Stephanie's look...she so often comes thisclose to getting everything perfect, except the one thing that throws everything off.

In this case it's the slacks.:bang:
Count me in on the general take about the pants.

But, then again, Rome was NOT built in a day!

And, at LEAST she doesn't seem to have a scarf with her (not that I could SEE, anyway!)!
I think the jacket was far too old for her as well. That's the kind of jacket I expect to see on a woman who's over 60.
The pants are not the most exciting thing -but we have yet to see great pants on her yet.

With that said... I love that jacket!!!!

This outfit is 50/50 for my "Stephanie fix"! So excited to see them out and about for the first time in awhile!
Stephanie looks nice even though maybe dressed a bit old. I do like the style and the tweed long jacket with the dark pants.

August 31, 2013 - Stephanie in her most unflattering grey pants matched with a jacket. Jacket cut to me is hideous, looks like an Armani copy and the fit is quite odd. The only nice thing about the look is her hair.

Full view ** Close up
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Nope, this is definitely a miss. She is overwhelmed by her clothes, which look too big and sloppy.
Awful, awful. It always seems to be one step forward and TWO BACK for her!
I don't necessarily dislike the pants, but not with that top. It is ill- fitted and is completely unflattering. The purse is completely unremarkable as well.
I wish she would just hire a stylist until she can pick out better clothes for herself.
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