Henry VIII (1491-1547) and Wives

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Had Henry lived longer she might not have kept her head given her religious differences with the king.

Along with the first Catherine both are my favourite of the wives.

Catherine of Aragon is hands down my favorite of the wives. I just finished Alison Weir's novel of her life and it was amazing...one of the two best I have read about her.

Did you read/hear where someone out in a field in the English countryside someone found a heart shaped pendant that Henry had given Catherine during their marriage?

It is decorated with roses and pomegranates, her personal emblem.
In 1546 there was an actual arrest warrant was drawn up for Catherine so there was danger surrounding her Protestant beliefs.
The king at this time was heavily under the influence of ultra conservatives like Bishop Gardiner and Lord Wriothesley (the Lord Chancellor).

True but he did not have Katherine arrested and told off his cousnellors for their attitude to her. He was probalby playing boht sides.
A look at the work of Hans Holbein at the Tudor court of Henry VIII.
I think the drawings are more interesting than his paintings. They’re so life like. Almost photographic.

It is extraordinary to look into the faces of people who lived half a millennium ago. Quite moving in fact.
A look at the painting of the The Field of the Cloth of Gold where Henry VIII and Francis I met in June 1520.


The new replica statue of Statue of Our Lady of Ipswich has arrived at the St Pancras parish in Ipswich on May 15th.​

This Statue is a replica of the Statue from the Marian Shrine at Ipswich ,this shrine was founded in 1152 and survived until 1538 when it and the other Marian Shrines such as that at Walsingham were destroyed.
The Statues were taken to London to be burnt but the Ipswich one ended up on mainland Europe and later in Italy where it was rediscovered.
Blanche of Lancaster, Elizabeth of York ,Katherine of Aragon were all frequent pilgrims to this shrine.

Bishop and pilgrims visit Our Lady of Ipswich shrine - Catholic Diocese Of East Anglia
I was briefly reading yesterday about the death of Arthur, the elder son and heir of King Henry VII. Arthur’s wife Katherine was then the widowed Princess of Wales.

However, I’m just wondering, did Katherine retain that title?Young Henry, the King’s only surviving son, became Duke of Cornwall and then Prince of Wales following his brother’s demise. Until Katherine and Henry VIII eventually married in 1509, following Henry VII’s death, it would surely have been a bit odd to have had a very young Prince of Wales and his widowed sister in law as Princess of W.

Was she simply addressed as the Lady Katherine in her widowhood and the other title put in abeyance, or what? Does anyone know?
Since Catherine was a princess by birth, she was referred to as such after Arthur's death.

The Spanish envoy(Chapuys) Henry VII and Catharine's parents in their letters all refer to her as "the princess" ...never "Lady Catharine".
Thanks Moonmaiden. I was just referencing, with the Lady Katherine thing, that both Mary and Elizabeth, Henry VIII’s daughters (also Princesses by birth) were at various points in their youth referred to as The Lady Mary, The Lady Elizabeth and so on.
But really, I was just wondering whether Katherine retained any other title, as in Princess Katherine of ??
Interesting question. She was the Princess of Wales. But, as you say, that would have seemed odd once Henry became Prince of Wales. So I suppose she was the Dowager Princess of Wales. I'm pretty sure that that was the title by which Henry said she was to be known after he declared their marriage invalid, so it was probably her previous title.
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Since Catherine was a princess by birth, she was referred to as such after Arthur's death.

Catherine was only an Infanta by birth, as per Spanish custom of the day only heiresses or wives of heirs to royal thrones were referred to as Princess. (However, Infanta is sometimes translated into English as Princess.)
1485-1501 :The Infanta Catalina de Aragón y Castilla
1501-1502 : The Princess of Wales
1502 -1509 : The Dowager Princess of Wales
1509-1533 ;Queen Consort of England
1533 -1536 ; Queen Consort of England /Dowager Princess of Wales
Maria de Salinas was a loyal friend of Queen Catherine of Aragon.
Maria de Salinas was a loyal friend of Queen Catherine of Aragon.
Maria came from Spain with Catherine and was her loyal lady in waiting to the queen.
In 1516 she became the second wife of Sir William Willoughby, Baron Willoughby de Eresby.
Their daughter Katherine later became the 4th wife of Henry Brandon ,Duke of Suffolk in 1533.
Both Maria and Katherine attended the funeral of Queen Catherine in 1536.
Katherine, Duchess of Suffolk became a close friend of Catherine Parr and became a strong supporter of the Protestant Reformation.
Her mother Maria had died in n May 1539.
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