Henri, Comte de Paris (1933-2019), Head of the Royal House of France, wives & family

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The Comte de Paris and his wife, the Duke and the Duchess of Vendôme and Princess Chantal with her husband attended a mass to the memory of Princess Isabelle of Orleans-Braganza, Countess of Paris and Prince Henri, Count of Paris at the Royal Chapelle Saint-Louis in Dreux, France on July 2, 2012.

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The Comtesse de Paris does not deserve all these empty chairs . Where is the family except Henri and Chantal ?
I thought the same Maria-olivia. It seems only 6 family members were present. Of course most others will have a normal job & live scattered over Europe, so it may have been difficult to travel to Dreux for them.
I thought the same Maria-olivia. It seems only 6 family members were present. Of course most others will have a normal job & live scattered over Europe, so it may have been difficult to travel to Dreux for them.
Is there a Service every year for the late Countess?
First i thought it was for a special occasion but the 100th anniversary of her birth was last year and the 10th anniversary of her death is next year.
They were two rows of red velvet chairs mostly empty.
What a terrible Family !
The Orleans family never seems to get along or be united unless it is a event with lots of cameras and media attention, then all the cousins come out in full force...
Sad to see all these empty chairs while it is such an extensive family !

Yesterday, January 21, the Comte de Paris and his wife attended the Requiem Mass celebrated in honour of King Louis XVI of France at the Church of Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois in Paris.

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Another cat fight in the house of France, I was starting to miss them ;). The count of Paris, who previously seemed to get on very well with his nephew the duke of Anjou, now states the following on his website and twitter:

Paris 11 avril 2013

Communiqué de Monseigneur le Comte de Paris.

Le Prince Charles Philippe, un de mes nombreux neveux, qui vit au Portugal,
n'est nullement habilité à parler au nom de la Famille Royale de France.
Je me désolidarise totalement de ces propos outranciers et irresponsables,
qui lui ont peut-être été dictés."

Henri Comte de Paris et Duc de France


Maison Royale de France - Site officiel du Prince Henri d'Orlans, Comte de Paris

which roughly translated means:

Prince Charles Philippe, one of my many nephews, who lives in Portugal, has no authority to speak on behalf of the royal family de France. I distance myself totallly from his outrageous and irresponsible words, which may have been dictated (?).

It seems that the duke of Anjou isn't overly positive about president Hollande on his facebook page:


Anyway, another classic Orléans row... let's wait for the response of the duke :popcorn:.
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Does someone know what his nephew said exactly ?
This Family disappoints me day after day.
The Count de Paris should never have given the tittle of Duke of Anjou to this Nephew . They are a lot of other tittles for french Princes but someone else is also Duke of Anjou and should have avoid a lot of troubles.
Prince Jean asked his cousins not to attend his father 's religious wedding and Charles Louis came in grand uniforme .
And now a cat fight between Uncle and Nephew....
Is it acceptable for Duke of Anjou to comment on the governmental officials? I thought that nobility, aristocracy and members of former reigning families give vague diplomatic opinions on political figures and topics.

The Comte de Paris and his wife attended the Women's Autumn-Winter 2013 Haute Couture fashion show of Belgian designer Edouard Vermeulen for Natan at the Belgian embassy in Paris on July 1st. Princess Léa was present as well.

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The Comte de Paris and his wife attended a reception of the "Club des Leaders" at the Automobile Club de France in Paris on September 18. Also pictured are Princess Léa of Belgium, Princess Helene of Yugoslavia, Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Savoy and Princess Fawzia of Egypt.

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A very lively discussion indicates that an auction is a contentious issue. People are upset that some items may end in hand of rich Chinese and Qataris.
According to Noblesse & Royautes, members of the House of Orleans are going to auction 100 memories of the last Kings of France. The auction will take place on 2nd December at the Drouot Paris. Other items from French aristocratic families will also be on sale:

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There were 200 pieces recuperated through justice. Did they decide to keep the 100 others ones .?
Communiqué de Monseigneur le Comte de Paris

Friends pointed me a new website "Gens de France." I first thought it was one created by my son, the Dauphin, Jean de France. Apparently it's a ruse made by the son of the Duke of Cadiz, which has no legitimacy regarding his claims to the crown of France.

Soon, a well-researched book which will be published in late November by editions Du Puy Clinchamps, "Le Roi légitime," by Mr. Patrick Germain, where he proves that the only real Bourbon of Spain are King Juan Carlos and Prince Felipe, Prince of Asturias, and the only ones able to claim the crown of France are the Bourbon Orleans, the Capetian branch which I became the servant and leader. While we are under a republican regime, however the Capetian dynasty that we embody in France should not be invaded by intriguers, from which the King of Spain himself had removed the predicate Royal Highness.

Comte de Paris,
Duc de France.

Source: Communiqué de Monseigneur le Comte de Paris
On April 27, The Count and Countess of Paris will attend the anniversary celebrations of the 800 years of Saint Louis. The events will take place in Poissy, France and they will consist of a wreath laying ceremony, a mass, lunch and concert. The last three events will also be attended by other members of the French Royal Family:

Le comte de Paris aux cérémonies des 800 ans de la naissance de Saint Louis
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