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Jul 11, 2017
United Kingdom
Hi I'm new to this forum.
I'm related to the Campbell's and the Stewart's!
Hello Rae-Ellis and welcome! I see your family moved south of the border!
Thank you! Yes my family are now in London and the Home Counties!
Hello welcome. I am of Stewart's/Bruce clan too

That's wonderful! It's so exciting to find out about the history of these noble clans, especially when they're your ancestors.

How are you related?

kind regards

King James V is my direct ancestor as the Baron of Renfrew

And I am a Tudor as well. King Henry the VII a direct ancestor, as well as Hary Hotspur Percy direct

I am descent of the original 13 families that came to America
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Hello Dawn

Hi Dawn

Wow that's great!

I'm descended from James 1V he's my 11th great grandfather!
James V is also one of my ancestors. Henry V11 is a 2nd cousin many times removed!

You are my cousin! That rocks... nice to meet you.
Yes, we are cousins. It's all so fascinating.

I went to the Tower of London earlier this year, it's a great visit and so much
to see, I've been before as a child, but more interesting now.

Have you been to England?
No, I have not yet. One day I would surely like to though. Wanting to visit our family castles and see the history.
Hi Dawn

Yes you will love it. There's so much to see, many palaces castles and stately homes! x
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