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Don Quixote

Mar 9, 2013
United Kingdom
Hello! I'm a young British monarchist, High Tory and traditionalist Catholic - although I must add, as nearly all Catholics are, a loyal subject of Elizabeth II in all things that are not sin.

I've a German uncle, so I have a general interest in German monarchism - I for one grieve that the splendour of the Reich, the glittering uniforms, the beautiful princesses, duchesses and countesses, the pomp and ceremony and tradition of it all; of all the monarchies of Europe, was destroyed in a mad fratricidal war.

Anyway, I'm going on so I ought to stop! It is nice to know there are some 'sympathisers' on the internet!

I generally feel far older than my years and can concur with Christopher Tietjens in Parade's End 'the world ended a long time ago...in the eighteenth century'
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Hello and welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your time here.
Enjoy your time here! :flowers
It's a right royal flood of new members today! Welcome!
:welcome: Enjoy your time on the site.
Hello Don Quixote and :welcome:
Have fun!

I would never have though I would find a British guy with a nick-name as yours. I´m from La Mancha, so I really love your avatar and signature :)
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