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Oct 26, 2009
I'm new here :) Found this fourum by a coincidence. So happy I found it! I have been intersted in the European royal families (especially the norwegian family) since I was a little girl. My interest for the royal family stretches from interest in their history to fashion and nice dresses ;)
:welcome:Welcome to the Royal Forum, Sildesotten.
:rose2:Hi, Sildesotten ! welcome to the Royal forums. greeting from Iran :rose2:
So fun! I feel so welcome here! Almost like a royal... ;)
Welcome Sildesotten! I love your part of the world. I travel there to buy horses on a regular basis!
Welcome, Sildesotten! :flowers:
I´m sure you´ll enjoy the forums.
Hei Sildesotten!:norwayflag: :welcome:.
God Kveld!:flowers:
Greetings from the Netherlands although I am from Turkey.
Welcome Sildesotten from the southern United States! Happy Posting
Hei Sildesotten! :norwayflag:


I hope you will enjoy the forums, have a great time & greetings from Germany :flowers:
Hi Sildesotten, welcome to the forum, nice to have more people from Scandinavia here! :flowers:
Greetings from Australia :ausflag2:! I know that you will enjoy the forums! :)
Thanks again! So nice to see that people from many different countries are represented in here :D
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