hello, from south yorkshire, england

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Jonny, you will be always welcome at TRF. Have a great christmas as well!
Hi Jonny!

That's sad news that you have to leave TRF. :ermm: You will surely be missed around here.

I hope that you will be able to come back sometime soon! :flowers:

Take care and have a very merry Xmas and a happy 2010!!

:merryxmas: :santa2: :fireworks:
Johnny- I'll surely miss your posts- take care of yourself.
hi people.......just one last post !!

as from today i will be not using TRF......

if my present circumstances should however change, i will be delighted to return !!

thanks again people for being very welcoming !!

wishing you all a fond farewell !

john / jonny........:flowers:
you will be pleased to know : i have reconsidered and decided to stay ! :D

talk about having egg on ones face though ......:lol:

see you all later !! :flowers:
I am glad for your decision...You are always welcome here!
I am glad you have made the decision and Welcome back to the TRF.:flowers:
You know John we miss you ,and can come back soon ,and you will be welcome!:hug:
I'll miss you Jonny.:sad: I'm sorry you're leaving. I hope you do change your mind and stay on theroyalforums... It was so great to have a member like you on these forums.:flowers:
Dear Jonny,

I too hope you'll change your mind and stay here. But if not, we have to accept your decision and I wish you all the best!!
I always enjoyed your informative posts and you always will be very welcome here. :flowers:

Take care!
Dear friend::flowers:
we'll miss you Jonny. We are upset that you're leaving us I hope change your mind very soon and Welcome back here.
I hope your circumstances will allow you to return to TRF as soon as possible! All the best!
Ah, guys, I think you've all missed this post, from 27 December...

jonnydep said:
you will be pleased to know : i have reconsidered and decided to stay ! :D
So there's now no need to say goodbye.
hi warren...
sorry you may have missed my post as of yesterday

good bye all.....happy posting !! :flowers:

i have since decided to leave afterall !!

i wish you a fond farewell warren !!

cheers john / jonny :flowers:
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my sincere apologies

to all concerned......
yet again i have decided to stay....
i wish to offer my sincere apologies for my actions of late.
i hope you will be very understanding, as over the last few weeks i have been going through a difficult time !!
my best regards jonnydep :flowers:
You are a gentleman that is why you apologize.....,apologizing is fair and necessary too to be friendly and to avoid problems with others...
You are welcome here as all good persons and polite are welcome always!:flowers:
thank you for your kind words and adove all else, for your support and efforts over the last few weeks.....you have been a true friend :flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers:
You are a true friend too,dear!It is a pleasure to help people to make friends again if possible...
On that optimistic note we will end this (public) discussion.

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