Hello from Germany

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Jul 8, 2011
near Bonn
Hi, my name is Marion I am 38 and I live in Germany.
Where do I start?! I met Princess Diana and Prince Charles Nov. 3th 1987 in Bonn and since then I was a huge fan of PDiana.
When she died I wasn't really interested in royals anymore. I went to Althorpe to see her final resting place and was really sad.
Time went by and when Prince William got married I felt the old fever coming back. :D
But my heart goes out to Monaco and Princess Charlene now.

I hope to discuss a lot and dream a lot with you about the royals.
I've been reading a lot the last few days and decided it's time to throw in some comments myself ;)
welcome to forums Smush :flowers:
Hello & Welcome Smush :flowers:
Hi Marion!

Herzlich willkommen! :flowers: I hope you will have a great time here.
Danke und thank you for the warm welcoming :D
Welcome to TRF .
Enjoy ;)
I saw your post. I'm new here to and live in Germany. I'm not German, but we've lives here for almost 10 years now. How jealous am I that you met Diana?! GREEN.
She just said "Hi" and we shook hands. It's not that I knew her ;)
But it was a special day in my life!
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