Hello from France!

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Sep 10, 2009
I just wanted to say hello to everybody, I'm fairly new to this board! I'm 26 years old, live near Paris! My father is french, my mother german, my occupation is clerc and I'm interested in british, french and german/austrian royal families. I watched this board from time to time, now I decided to become member!

Greetings to all!
Welcome, Westminster! This is a great forum, and the people are very friendly. I hope that you enjoy the site!
Hi Westminster! :flowers:


Hope you will enjoy the forums.
Thank you, sgl and Dierna23! Thank you, nice to meet you!
Hi Turkish Delight! Thank you, thats so nice!

Greetings to Istanbul! :turkeyflag:
You're welcome, Westminster. Have a great time here. :flowers:
Welcome Westminster! Have a happy posting and enjoy the forums!
Bienvenue, c'est toujours intéressant ce qu'on trouve ici !
Hello, Westminster - it's nice to meet a new member at this forum!
Have a nice time here!
Welcome Westmister,here you can find so many pics and friends too
Dear Nathalie Cox, rominet09, monic, Annie S and Zubiaur!

Thank you so much for your warm welcome, I'm really overwhelmed and happy! :flowers: So nice to be here, many good information and friendly people it seems!

Merci beaucoup & best regards from France! :)
Hi Westminister,

Welcome to the Royal Forum!
Dear Chantal C, I thank you also very much! You have a beautiful avatar! :)
:welcome: Westminster, TRF covers all the royalty families you are interested in.
Hope to see you postinga nd sharing information about them soon.
Hello Dazzling!

I thank you very much for your warm welcome! I hope, I will do so! Its great here, I must say. :flowers:
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