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Dec 4, 2008
United States
Hello to everyone, it looks a cool place, i hope to have fun posting and reading the posts of all of you.
i always was interested in the marvellous world of royalty, it looks a fascinating life and i love how the ladies dress and all this lovely hats!!!!!!andtiaras of course!
i am curious to know how commonurs got into royalty and wonder how do they did to learn all ptotocol and publics speech, they all look doing fine.
wish to be a fly andsee how it goes their day behind doors, their dressing rooms ad staff working for them. what a marvellous life they have! all this traveling and help to the charities! it is incredible
all the best to veryone here:flowers:
Welcome, dkprincess!
Welcome to the Forums dkprincess! :flowers:
We have a huge volume of material and you'll find some of the answers to your questions in the threads. :)
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