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Feb 16, 2013
United Kingdom
I'm new to the Royal Forums and I hope that I'll enjoy it! I've been interested in the British royals since I was a small child, I also admire the Dutch and Norwegian royal families. My favourite royals are:

British: Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall.
Dutch: Queen Beatrix.
Norwegian: King Harald/Queen Sonja.
Bhutan: Queen Jetsun (she's beautiful and the whole country has a wonderful mysticism.)

I love writing to royals and I've written to most of the British Royal Family. I've written to Camilla three times and she comes across as a very (cliché alert) down-to-earth person. She's replied to each letter, in her own handwriting. Seeing as royalty is my favourite topic, I often bore my friends. I'm currently hunting for the addresses of Queen Jetsun of Bhutan and the dowager Queen Noor of Jordan.
Welcome, CamillaForQueen! :flowers:
We appear to like the same royals, especially Queen Beatrix and the Duchess of Cornwall.

I can't help you with Queen Jetsun but here is the address you can write Queen Noor to:
Noor Al Hussein Foundation
P.O. Box 926687
Amman 11110

The foundation also has a telephone number. I assume if everything else fails, you can call them and ask how to contact the Queen. The number is: +962 6 560 7460.

Then there is Twitter: Queen Noor's official twitter page is simply @QueenNoor.
Thanks, I'm sure I will! There's so many threads to read and so many royals to talk about!
:previous: You can also talk about general discussion, too. Usually there are threads about different TV programs on these parts of TRF. You're right, you can talk about lots of royals here and once again, I hope you enjoy doing so. :)
Hello and welcome to the forums. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here; there's so much information and discussion about your favorite royals.
Hello and :welcome: I hope you enjoy your time on this site.
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