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Jul 4, 2012
The South
United States
Newbie poster here. I found out about this forum from another board and as I don't spend *nearly* enough time online I thought I'd drop in here as well. ;)

The history of Europe's royal families is fascinating and I do like to read up on geneologies and the beautiful castles and architecture, but I admit, I'm all about the jewelry. The bigger the rocks, the better. I love when there's an uber formal event and the tiaras and necklaces and brooches and orders come out to play. You need a swooning emoticon. LOL

Happy to be here!
Enjoy your time here! :flowers:
Welcome to The Royal Forums!!! I look forward to your posts.
Welcome, COESpiral! :flowers:
Always nice to have another jewellery-watcher among us. :crown3:
Hello and welcome to the forums. You'll certainly satisfy your thirst for all things jewelry-related here; we've got some good royal jewel experts. I hope you enjoy your time on the boards.
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Hi :wave: and :welcome: Enjoy your time here. We have posters who know a great deal about royal jewels, so I'm sure you'll learn a great deal.
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