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May 1, 2008
West Bend
United States
I have been interested in monarchial issues for some time, and have been looking for others with whom I could discuss these matters. I have been active in another monarchy forum, and in my pursuit of monarchy news and issues, I came across this one which looks very good. I reside in the United States so, you may imagine, there is a limited group of people with whom one can converse all things monarchy. So, I look forward to participating in this forum.

As to my favorite ice cream, that would be chocolate. However, my doctor tells me to stay away from it. But I do sneak in a bit of dark chocolate now and then. My reason: dark chocolate is a good source of anti-oxidants.;)
Well, that's a good excuse to indulge in chocolate, I must say! :D

Welcome to TRF, Keith! Glad you found us.
Hi there ummmm dark chocolate is a favourite of mine. :D
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