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May 27, 2019
San Diego
United States
I'm from the US, and I enjoy reading about history. Although I'm primarily interested in the European royal houses (being of European descent), I also find the Japanese Imperial family fascinating.
Hello Alouette, lovely name!

Welcome to the Royal Forums!
Hi, Alouette! Welcome to TRF and its amazing and extensive threads which contain just about anything and everything you'd want to find in regards to anything royal from history to fashion to current events.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ?
Do you know Alouette means lark… a pretty name and a famous song the children sing…. welcome !
Hi Alouette! Welcome to the TRF! :flowers:
I discovered that again as that song started rambling through my head. Amazing what one can dredge up from the dusty corner of the brain where my French lessons in the 60s choose to reside eh? :D
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