Harald I Blåtand and wives

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Nov 26, 2003
Name: Harald Blåtand

English Name: Harald Bluetooth

Child of: Gorm den Gamle & Thyra

Reign: 958-986

Marriage: The book "Danmarks dronninger i tusind år" mentions Gunhild and Tove as Harald's queens.

Children: Sven Tveskæg & Gunhild

Death: 985, 986 or 987.

Throne passed to: Sven 2. Tveskæg


The Bluetooth technology was named for him - ie. the bluetooth sign is the rune sign of Harald, alledgedly.

Christened Denmark.
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Name: Gunhild

Birth: lived around yr. 965

Marriage: Harald Blåtand

Children: Sven Tveskæg & Gunhild
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Name: Tove

Birth: Lived around yr. 970

Child of:Mistivoj (d. 990)

Marriage: to Harald Blåtand
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Hello Norwegianne You probably knew that my Direct Ancestor is King Canute The Great Through the Canute/Cornett Connection. And King Canute The Great's GrandFather is King Harald Bluetooth When I first Found out About This in 2004 through doing some genealogy research on My Father's Side of the Family on Rootsweb.com And Ancestry.com Those are the two main Genealogy research websites. When I First found out about this in 2004 I was Shocked. And Happy At the same time.:flowers:
Harald I Blatand had the Jelling stones erected to honor Gorm, his father, and Thyra, his mother.
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