Hair Styles of Royal Men

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What happened to Prince Felix's hair!!?!??!?!
Seems he cut it pretty short. Hehe. I kind of like that he's willing to play with his hairstyle- they've all had the same one for a VERY long time now. For that have I....brb. :whistling:
Well, it's Felix's hair and if he is comfortable with his new appearance, then good for him. He doesn't look bad, just more mature, I suppose.
I did prefer him with longer hairstyle though.
Oh my gosh... Have you seen what Felix did with his lovery hair?
New suit, new tie, new watch and new hair cut.....and he still looks stunning. I wonder if he's changed his job or something now since it seems like a big change.
All of the gentlemen in the Lux. RF have had the same hairstyle and manner of dressing for years. It's nice to see a little bit of a change. I like the haircut- if he decides he hates it- it's just hair it will grow back. Men have short hair anyway- a few months and it would be a decent length again.
I prefered Prince Felix old hairstyle compare his new one he looks more matured. I wonder why he cut his gorgeous :lol:hair?
For me Prince Felix looks more nice in the short hair than in the long hair.
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