Guess the sex of Princess Máxima's 3rd baby

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What will it be?

  • Boy

    Votes: 122 55.7%
  • Girl

    Votes: 86 39.3%
  • Twins: Boy & Girl

    Votes: 6 2.7%
  • Twins: Boy & Boy

    Votes: 3 1.4%
  • Twins: Girl & Girl

    Votes: 2 0.9%

  • Total voters
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Twin girls would be brilliant but I think it will be a girl.
I think Amalia and Alexia will have a new sister....
i think another girl. the dutch royal family are capable of producing pretty princesses :D
3rd baby of Maxima

50% it will become a girl
I voted that they will get another girl. I don't know why, it's just a feeling.
I do hope it is a boy althought whatever comes I am sure both the princess and prince would be overjoyed.
Twins: Boy & Girl~~~~ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ……

I should tell you my predicitions are always wrong but would be really nice to be right this time.

I voted for a boy. Don't know why... The Princes' daughters are precious and I would love to see Maxima with a boy.

Whenever I read the new I got that hinch it will be a BOY!

But I agree with you, the most important is that the Princess has an healthy and happy pregnancy, a safe delivery and I'm already imagining a little boy being showed by an ultra-beaming Prince Willem-Alexandre!

I said girl for this family (but I tend to be wrong with these guesses). This generation seems to be filled with girls. It would be nice to see another boy in the family though.
I have a feeling the baby will be a girl.
At first I thought it'd be a girl, but now I'm starting to think it's a boy. Hmm...I guess I'll make an official guess later on along the months...
lise said:
I have a feeling the baby will be a girl.
Same here. I think it is going to be a healthy baby girl :flowers:
A baby boy!
I want it to be a boy, but I think she'll most likely have another girl.
Her_Majesty said:
I thought about it again...
even if I still hope for a baby boy, I think She'll have a girl!
in the nearer past all the Oranje-women had either boys or girls. :lol:
Juliana had only girls... Beatrix has only boys...
so.. maybe Máxima will have only girls, too. :rolleyes:
a little boy be nice.. amalia and alexia would be such doting big sisters.. :)
Have the parents ever known the sex of their children prior to their birth?
Ancient Chinese Birth Chart Calculator

Legend says that the data used for this formula is from chart that has been buried in a tomb near Beijing for almost 700 years and the original is now in the Beijing Institute of Science. By crossing the month a child was conceived with the age of the mother at conception, the sex of the child can be determined. This chart is said to be 93% accurate. Try it and see.
maxima is 35
if the child is concived in july its a boy if its in augustus its a girl.....
I hope it to be a boy,but I think it's a girl.
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For some reason, I just can't picture W-A and M with a boy? I vote another girl.
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