Guess the sex of Felipe and Letizia's baby

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What does your feeling say? A boy or a girl for Letizia and Felipe?

  • A boy

    Votes: 110 58.5%
  • A girl

    Votes: 71 37.8%
  • Both. They will get twins

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And the speculation keep on, and on, and on... :D

The ex-head of the Royal House’s spokesmen, Sabino Fernandez Campo commented that he doesn’t know the sex of the future baby. He said that 'I know that she is pregnant, but I don’t know anything more’, since Doña Letizia Ortiz 'doesn’t take me much into her confidence’.

Regarding the predictions made by some astrologers who say that the future child of the princes of Asturias will be a girl, Sabino Fernandez Campo says: 'Well, if they say so, it must be a girl then’. In any case, he kept opened the possibility that the future Kings of Spain may be expecting twins: 'Maybe they are two', he said.

The ex-spokesman dared even to say that the baby could take the name of Covadonga, since Doña Letizia is Asturian, or Pelayo, in case of a boy.

Besides, Sabino Fernandez Campo also said that Don Felipe de Borbón welcomed the news of his paternity with great joy: 'he is moved, he‘s a married man and he will be a father, everything is wonderfully well’.

Finally, he recognized the remarkable trajectory of Doña Letizia Ortiz, since she contracted matrimony to Prince Felipe: 'She has made a good race and giving birth to a child is now the beginning, but she may have many more', he concluded.

I saw in a Portuguese magazine Lux that Letizia is expecting a boy and because of that Felipe is very satisfied because isn't needed to change the law of the succession to the throne. A reporter until transcribed a sentence of the prince "is not necessary do the change in the succession of the throne because is not necessary".
rchainho said:
I saw in a Portuguese magazine Lux that Letizia is expecting a boy and because of that Felipe is very satisfied because isn't needed to change the law of the succession to the throne. A reporter until transcribed a sentence of the prince "is not necessary do the change in the succession of the throne because is not necessary".
Yeah, yeah... and Lux is not properly the New York Times :rolleyes: :D

That sentence you mention was placed out of the context. Felipe said that on the following day to the pregnancy announcement, during the trip to Balears. Placed in the context, Felipe says nothing more than there's no hurry to change the constitution (since, by doing so, the parliament had to be solved, i.e. Spain had to go into elections again... and that would disturb the political scenery), because there's another generation (he himself) before his child reaches the throne...

Felipe and Letizia already said that, similarly to Infanta Cristina and Iñaki, they don't want to know the sex of the baby, until it's born.

Anything beyond that is mere speculation.

If I had an euro for everytime that Portuguese magazines invent things about Letizia I would be rich.

Most of the time they do what Elsa says, remove the sentence from its context and make their own history from that.

I think it is a boy and they know it.
Here is an article from iQue me dices!, telling sth about the sex of a baby. I don't know if this magazine is really reliable sorce (probably not), but it looks like an interview with this nice journalist from "La Vaguardia". I speak Spanish only a little, but I can tell that she thinks the baby will be the boy called Carlos.
By the way, I also think the baby will be boy.
LaChicaMadrilena said:
it looks like an interview with this nice journalist from "La Vaguardia".

María Ángeles Alcázar is one of the most prestigious journalists specialized in the Royal Family. For 18 years, she has been covering for La Vanguardia the events related to the Kings and their children, whom she knows both in their institutional and private facet. Given that, she dares to guess the sex and the name of the heir: "It shall be a boy and shall be called Carlos."

Who has surprised you more in the personal treatment?
Nobody surprises anymore, they are as we imagined them. In a trip we did to Japan, Doña Letizia asked me for how long was I following the Prince and I said that I accompanied him for 18 years. After so much time, you do not discover anything. The only one who surprised me was Infanta Margarita. We all know that she is blind, but she recognizes the people by certain characteristics. She seems to me as a very bright person and one of the strongest members of the Family.

Which is the most attractive member of the Royal Family?
The King. Besides, with the arrival of Letizia, other people were driven to the background.

Why do you think that the Royal Family catches so much interest?
Because it covers many informative aspects. On one hand, there’s the institutional aspect: the King is the Headf of State and the Prince is the future Head of State. On the other hand, there’s all the glamour around it; the Royal Family plays the Champions League of the pink press. What I don’t like is when that frivolousness is exaggerated. I believe that does not interest anybody.

How much did the functions of the other consorts change since the wedding of the Prince?
Infantas Elena and Cristina have a commitment with their father. Today, they are the daughters of the King, but in the future (we hoped a very distant future) they will be the sisters of the King, and then they’ll have less functions. They are perfectly prepared for that.

Who do you think that is the greatest stranger of our Royal Family?
Infanta Elena. When I have spoken to her, she has seemed me a woman with many possibilities. Her eldest son, Froilán, perfectly defines her: a boy with that spontaneous behave can only come from a mother who loves her children.

What is going to be the sex of the baby: a boy or a girl?
I believe that it is going to be boy, but do not have any evidence of it.

And name do you bet?
Carlos, because thus we would leave aside the historical confusion between Carlos I of Spain and Carlos V of Germany. It is clear that it won’t be named Juan, neither Pelayo.

Do you consider changing the Constitution as an imperative?
Yes, we must change it, to avoid the greater faults. If we bet for equality, we must change.

Would be any problem, if Letizia received aid to get pregnant?
No. Don’t forget that, some years ago, Fabiola of Belgium received a fertility treatment in Switzerland. And there isn’t any queen in the world more apostolic and Roman catholic than her.

How do you describe the relation of a journalist with the Royal Family?
In this area, there are two aspects that sometimes are confused: respect and servility. In the direct treatment it is necessary to respect them, but I believe that, in the daily contact, the Kings as the Infants are thankful to receive a normal treatment. We must be loyal to the Royal Family, not servile.

What do you think should be changed in the relation between the Royal House and the media?
The problem is that the relationship must be changed in both senses. It is necessary to distinguish the people who work in La Zarzuela; a journalist specialized with many years of experience is not the sane as a photographer of gossip press. I do not say that one is better than other, just that we are different, and so should be the treatment they give us.

Are the stereotypes that we have of them [the royals] all right?
Some yes, but other no. For example, the Queen has much a reputation of being a serious person, but with her grandsons she has an amused facet. The Queen is now living what her parents could not experience.

Is there a “pact of silence”?
What exists is legends about them and, when you are loyal to a person, you decide not to enter in those games.

What news would you not reveal?
A human weakness that I could also do.

And which is the chronicle that, sadly, you will have to give someday?
Someday I will have to give account of the death of the King, but I hope there’s a very long time till that.
Her stomach looks too small for her carrying twins...
I'm 100% sure will be a boy! :D
Regina said:
I'm 100% sure will be a boy! :D
Me too! But I don't know why... I guessed correctly when Maxima and Christina were pregnand, so maybe I will do it again!?
LaChicaMadrilena said:
Me too! so maybe I will do it again!?

Yes you will do it again LaChicaMadrilena! :D El nene sera un chico for sure! ;)
I am in the minority here, I think it is a girl. Don't know why I feel that way but I do.
A girl would be adorable. Seeing Felipe carrying around a baby girl, awww. It is going to be one beautiful baby all right! A miniture Felipe running around would be adorable too. I think the baby is a boy.
i believe is going to be a boy.... although i really would like a girl
I get the feeling that it's going to be a girl
a boy here as well...

hope they will call him fernando or if she is a girl (not likely, imo) isabel. such a beautiful name for a queen to be...
LaChicaMadrilena said:
How do you know it? To be honest, I think the same...;)
yes, she is going to have a boy and mary a girl. :D

In the newspaper EL CORREO GALLEGO says that Letizia had said to their colleagues that they don't know the gender of the baby she's expecting and she also said that the baby will born in the end of November or in the earlier of December.

SECRET. Doña Letizia, sure it also spoke with the journalists of its pregnancy and affirmed that it takes it very well, although logically sometimes one gets tired more of the normal thing in spite of always walking with flat shoe. Also it left well clearly the sex them of the baby will not be known until it is born, surely in November or principles of December, so it will be an exclusive right for all Spain and everybody
world-wide one. Even for the parents of the creature.
and mary a girl

rchainho, how do you know mary will have a girl? was it said by any reliable source?
i knew in some spanish magazine it was said that felipe and letizia will have a boy, was there in denmark any publication expressing mary will have a girl?
it will be a boy, and frederik and mary have a boy too
Yesterday I watched " Royaltie" on tv ( a flemisch program about royals ) . They told that many royaltie-watcher tought that Letizia was carring a boy .

"If the child is a boy then under current Spanish legislation, which the Socialist government is seeking to change, he would eventually become king in Felipe's stead, whereas a baby girl, if she has a brother, would not be able to ascend the throne unless the rules were amended"

But the government hasn't done anything , so they think that Letizia and Felipe have already told them it is not necessary , because it is a boy

And also they thougt that CP Mary was carring a girl , for the same reason , because the danish government has taken care of amended the rules

I know , it is just gossip , but maybe this can be true . :)
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