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Nov 15, 2017
Columbia Heights
United States
Others may know me by the pen name, Tikaani Moon. I'm a writer, nurse, entrepreneur and other stuff.

The reason I joined is to learn more about the Royal families in the Middle East, Russia and Pakistan or India. My mother was given away by a Royal family and there are things I can't seem to find on my own. Yes, it's true my mother is from a Royal family in the Middle East, the Hashemites but I'm not sure why they gave her up for adoption. I am not looking to find them, but just to learn more about my background I guess. I just is looking to get a glimpse of my family.

I wish to know how the Hashemites connect with a mystery family in Russia and other locations.

I've had horrible experiences on other forums. So I wish for no trouble, peace, no harassment. I just tried it again because I am curious about my real family.
Hi jojowolf . Welcome! Wow, I look forward to reading your posts. People here are very kind I find. Again, welcome.
Thank you, and that's good to hear ��. I will be glad to share my family's story
Hello jojowolf. I hope you enjoy posting here. Welcome!
Welcome jojowolf. I hope you can find the information you are looking for. Your mother's story sounds very interesting.
Thank you, and I agree it does sound like an interesting story.
Nice to meet you jojowolf, look foreword to possibly collaborating with you on various topics. Also it is nice to see I'm not the only newbie here.

-Frozen Royalist
Thank you, I hope we can collaborate on things too.
I will take a look at the postings about the Middle East, Russian Royal family. Also, I later will give a little information about my family's adoptive background to learn how it fits if the situation.
Hello, hmm. Interesting, wow. Wouldn't really say lucky. Interesting, my MTdna is HV.
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