Greetings from NC!

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Jan 22, 2012
Winston Salem
United States
I have been a royal watcher since the Lady Diana - Prince Charles wedding, and I even have created my own 'royal family' which I am writing a book about. I know a fair bit about nobility too; I'm no expert but I do find it all interesting. I have taken photos of a couple royal residences and former royal residences, and am intrigued by how royalty live in a world that is increasingly democratic (and republican).
Welcome to TRF, I hope you enjoy posting as much as I do!
Hello and welcome to the forums.:wave: Enjoy your time here; you'll get a lot of information. What royal houses are you interested in?
Hello :welcome: , i hope you love Trf like me :D
Hi and :welcome:. Enjoy your time here.
Welcome from a fellow North Carolinian! I spent a summer in Winston-Salem at Salem College, and absolutely loved it. You're very lucky to live there!
Hey I've visited Charlotte and I liked it except everything is so far away:(
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