Greek Royal Palaces and Residences

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do you remember when in Athens changed the street names?, the street had names of Queens If they created a big controversy over this, and they changed it by the name of leaders of the Republic, after it .. I think that affirm that Tatoi will be a museum, it isn´t real
Well, you never know what will happen with Pasok or even Nea Dimokratia. A few years ago when the Pasok goverment was still up, I was at the opening of the Royal Theatre in Thessaloniki (Vasilikon Theatron) and the minister K. Laliotis who was from the goverment made a comment on the name. He told a group of people that were politicians, reporters and others that were invited that: ".....we should wonder in the last 100 years of Greek history who exiled the royals and who brought them back.....the right wing parties were the first to kick them out and the socialists to invite them back....."

You could never know what could happen in the future. The Pasok goverement over the years wanted to give back the royal estate.....I wish they would never become a goverment again....I just want the Tatoi estate to become a place with life and not be as it is now a place of sorrow...
I do not like old abandoned buildings, I think That it could be good that the building would be utility for the people
On the other hand, from my critical point of view, I think that PASOK should interest it, because the PASOK had the expropriate it, established the general interest that justified the expropriaton, established the utility for the people.
If the PASOK would reconstruct it , The PASOK could prove that it was not a political whim ..
I think that it is late for prove it BUT.....

Expropriate fast and slow reconstruct= it is not general interest, it had private interest.

In my opinio, Vasilofron , it should have utility for people...
You're right​
do you remember when in Athens changed the street names?, the street had names of Queens If they created a big controversy over this, and they changed it by the name of leaders of the Republic, after it .. I think that affirm that Tatoi will be a museum, it isn´t real

This is funny. I remember standing on the street asking a passer by about King Constantine Avenue and she refused to give me directions. Another one yelled at me there is no longer such a thing. The street was changed to Andreas Papandreou Avenue. :eek:

Thank you Vasilofron for the information and photos.
The truth is that Tatoi was bought by King George with his own funds and it is amazing at how the Greek government has taken possesion of it. It does not matter how much compensation the GRF received. This was a property obtained with private funds brought from outside the country and it should have remained in the possesion of the GRF.
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It's a pity that a so beautiful palace is left neglected...
They occupied the main Palace in Athens as a residence of the President and location for official receptions, so they maintained it. The Mon Repos in Corfu was occupied right away and the Mayor declared it a preserved site since there are ruins under the foundation that date back a long time. The government had no interest in maintaining the Tatoi and it was left locked for a long time. It has been crumbling for a while and hopefully they will decide to renovate and bring it back to its original simple glory. We'll see.
The past week, the day 15 was celebrated in palace of Tatoi the Religious Memorial in memory of the Kings Pavlo and Federika. In the ceremony was the Kings Constantine and Ann Marie, and Princess Irene and old collaborators of the Royal family

I ask: How do the Kings from Greece enter the enclosure of Tatoi? At present the palace is property of the Greek State.

A-They must solicit an authorization to the government to celebrate the memorial.
b- They have a right to visit to the cemetery, they can enter when they wish but only the cemetery
c-They have a right from visit to all the enclosure, they do not need authorization.
d-They has a right to visit because they are the proprietors of the human rest that it are in the cemetery. They are the proprietors of the cemetery.
I have been analyzing it and I think that Constantine has a right to visit the enclosure and tombs, this is, Constantine is proprietor of the human rest that are in Tatoi
I hope the Greek Royal Family has the right to visit the cemetery...but, after the acts of the Greek state against them, all is possible...
They are allowed in Greece at any time they wish to visit and they are free to move about all over the country with no restrictions.
There is no such thing as proprietor of human remains. The dead royals rest at the cemetery in Tatoi and it is separate from the rest of the estate which was purchased by the government.
In Greece one can buy the cemetery plots the family is resting and owns the land where the graves are. The Greek goverment considers the royal family as Danish citizens with no special privileges thus they cannot deny them rights they give the rest of the citizens.
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The Greek Royal Family could go to Tatoi estate aswell as any other place in Greece with no problem...
They do not need authorization from the greek goverment to do so...
The Royal cemetary is a place of rest for all the members of the Greek Royal Dynasty and every member could be buried there if they wish so...
The last burial was of Princess Katherine on October 2007...
They are the proprietors of the cemetery...the greek goverment could not take this from them...the law does not allow this...

I have photos of the Memorial service on the 15th of March at Tatoi that I took and posted them here...
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They can move freely because they have a Danish passport, The European Union says that any European citizen of a European country can move freely by Europe, Greece is an EU country.

I think that it have to distinguish:

The territory of the State for which the people can move freely, roads, parks, airports, sea ...

And the territory that it is privately owned, we can access to it if the propietor authorizes it.

Tatoi is privately owned, I think, it is of the Greek state , the Greek state implicitly allows access to it (Because people access to it and the authorities know it but do not prohibited it), but in future the State could prohibit or restrict access or charge for ....
If in the future, it is a musseum of history the authorities could charge by inter in it.

I think ,in the future Constantine could enter the cemetery, although access is restrict to other person, because he has a right to visit the cemetery because in cementery are buried their ancestor.

this is my opinion.
just a few notes:

Tatoi estate is ownwd by the Greek Republic and is given to the Greek people for there recreation and also forgein people could visit the estate freely...
No one could restrict the access to the estate...

When the palace will be turned into a meseum, for sure there will be an entrance fee but not for the estate, only for the museum and other buildings that would have uses as art centers etc...

The Royal cemetery is open and anyone could visit it with no problem.
There are no restrictions...
Only the church of the Holy Resurection that is at the cemetery grounds is closed because of the problems it has from the years that it is closed...

Yesterday there were over 500 people at the estate with there families haveing picniks and playing...

I showed the estate to about 20 people that wanted to see the palace, the buildings and the cemetery...
Ok, Vasilifron, It is public domain Greek State that their citizens can use freely...

Constantine had a danish passport, he is not greek citizen. ...Constantine is not greek Citizen, the paper says that he is danish, his situation is not like the rest of the Greeks, his situation is like that of other foreigners......

iTt is irrelevant for my theory of that Constantine is own of cementery and he has a visitation rights.

this is a hypothesis to defend my theory:

If in the future, this is a hypothesis, the Government make decision that the cemetery should be removed to build in it, for example, a hospital, then:

should the Government inform to Constantine for he would take over the human remains of his ancestors or the state should not inform him?

I believe that the State should inform to him, in conclusion he has a right about cementery about human remains.​
Hello again,

Many people have thought about this as you did...
About your hypothesis, no one could remove the cemetery from the grounds.
this has never been done before in Greece.

If that could have happend, hypothesis, first of all the goverment would have the rage of the church and of the greek people. No goverment would do this kind of thing for any reason. If this would have happend 20 or 30 years ago maybe no one would say or do something.

The cemetery still is and would be a burial place for members of the Greek Royal Family.

In October 2007, Princess Katherine was buried next to the graves of her father, mother and brother.

The King Constantine had no problem to bring the late Princess from London.

In the last 8 years many things have changed for the Royal Family and how they are treated in Greece from the politicians and even the president of the Greek republic.
He, the president, invited the Royal Family at the old palace of Athens (Hyrodou Attikou) for lunch and also gave the King a day to show his family the palace were he grew up.

They treat the King as a former head of state.

There would always be bitter people and politicians, but now they could see that if they go against the Royal Family they have nothing to win for that.

They dont give the Greek citizenship to the members of the Royal Family but that does not make them less Greek than anyone....
The Greek high court rouled that the King should be addressed as "King Constantine, former King of Greece". This shows that the Greek side could not say that he is not Greek because only Greek citizens could become head of state...
This is a hypothesis that is not true .... .I wanted to explain my theory that Constantine had still a right on minimum in Tatoi complex.

but I had not thought about it, but now I have changed my theory, now, the right that Constantine has it is not the right to visit the cemetery , this is a right to use the cemetery.

The menbers of the Royal family are Greeks, they speak Greek and they have grown up in Greek culture ... but the documents do not say this, it says that they are Danish.. This is not the same .. when they are in Greece, in Spain, Italy or France... they are foreigners but when they are in Denmark, they are not foreigners.
Their documents say that he is Danish, he is not like the rest of the Greeks, he is like all other foreigners (It is the same in Spain, USA, Germany ....)

The Foreigners do not have the same rights as nationals .. .
but if you want to say me the hyphotesis ,that if Constantine and family will travel to a greek village and the people will not know who are them, the people could think that they are of Greece , I think that the people will think that they are Greeks
This section talks about the royal residences, the Kings spent their holidays ... in a house in Porto Heli, I think that we can say that they have house in Greece, in Porto Heli, I was not if they are owners or tenants...but I think that we can say that they have house in Greece ...
The Government House was built as the official residence of the King and the Queen of Greece who stayed there during their visits to Thessaloniki. In the past a number of important personalities, including Greek Presidents have been guests at the “Small Palace”. Today the estate belongs to the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace.
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Royal Palace in Athens?

Sorry, my question might be stupid:

Athens was the capitol of the Kingdom of Greece. Was there an royal palace? And if, are there any pictures?
Two were the Royal Palaces; one in Syntagma Square, now used as Parliament Palace, and one now used as Presidential Palace.
The present Presidential Palace was built between 1891 and 1897, in order to be the residence of the then Crown Prince Konstantinos and his wife Sophia; when Konstantinos became King in 1913, the Palace became the Royal Palace, and remained the main Royal Residence until 1974.
I don't understand why a picture of a Romanian government building has been posted in this thread. As a result, seven posts have been deleted.
It's not that hard to understand the difference between Romania and Greece, or Bucharest and Athens.
Before linking to pictures found on the internet could members please first know what they are linking to.

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In 2007 it was said that The palace was being cleaned for to begin restoration works. The Greek Minister of Culture made a report in a magazine with photos of him in front of the palace . He appeared represented in the photos in front of the palace with victorious attitude .. . In 2008 an association said that the palace was abandoned that all had been a farce, they said that into of palace had books of great value destroyed by humidities.When it was expropriated, it was made by the urgent way,… and 15 years later. ...
It is the perfect scene for a terror film
:previous:From the width of the hallways and the couple of pieces of furniture this part of the palace seems to belong to a basement and be maids' quarters.
The palace has been left to disrepair and has deteriorated. Currently there is an effort to clean it up and restore it.
Does anyone have an approximate date of whenn this film was taken?:flowers:
The information provided by the poster on You Tube states that the videos and the photos were taken in 31/12/07 and in 11/10/08.
Thanks, I have seen photos in Internet of Tatoi, it said be of the year 2009 and it is equal, but I am reading that the rehabilitation works was granted to a company, this year… I don´t know it...
I have been reading an article on the palace of Tatoi, it says that the restoration work were paralyzed by lack of budget and economic crisis in Europe it will be difficult to raise funds for its restoration ...
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