Greek Royal Palaces and Residences

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Has the Greek royal family tried to get their clothes and other personal items back? I find it strange that their clothing is still inside the palace, but I can understand this if it is part of a dispute over ownership.
I don't know,guys!Have you seen that place?It's a mess!!The building itself is so frightening and the "forest" around it has become a wild jungle...Afraid to see,they will need much more money to make it look like a palace again.Good luck to the Ministry of Culture!!
To answer the above posts. The Greek government will convert the complex of the buildings into a Museum and some secondary buildings will be converted into a restaurant and a gift shop. There are ideas floating about creating a line of products connected to Tatoi. The problem is that they do not want to connect Tatoi to the Greek Royal Family or royalty for that matter. The personal effects that have been left behind include clothing, manuscripts,paintings, carpets etc. They will have to clean up and show them if they can be shown. They also plan to bring over items left at the Mon Repos Palace over to display.
As Iakynti said these buildings have been left to abandon since 1967.
I would not be surprised if they convert a building into a venue for society weddings or other affaires to raise the money they will need to maintain these properties.
Don't forget that the adjacent forest has been property of the State all these years and only the cemetery where the Kings and Queens are resting is off limits.
Has the Greek royal family tried to get their clothes and other personal items back? I find it strange that their clothing is still inside the palace, but I can understand this if it is part of a dispute over ownership.

There is no longer any dispute. The King has received a certain amount of money as did Queen Sofia and Princess Irene and their property in Greece was turned over to the State. They were allowed to remove property from Tatoi a long time ago and some more after they reached the settlement with the government. What was left behind now belongs to the State. What is sad to me is that paintings done by Queen Frederika were left behind. When the property was removed representatives of the GRF were present to direct the packing and as it now becomes evident areas of the Palace have not been checked.
Still it will be a relief if they go ahead and start renovations to bring these buildings back to life.
The main Palace in the city is occupied for formal affaires and I beileve is the official residence of the President. The villa in Psyhico was sold a few decades ago and the local government of Corfu took over the Mon Repos Palace, where Prince Philip and Princess Alexia were born.
Nothing else remains.
Thank you for this info, Odette. I did not know that they had the opportunity to go back for their things. Did they only have a few hours to retrieve their things? I cannot understand why they would leave so many things behind. It sounds like these items are valuable and personal.
I do not know the timeframe. It took a while for the GRF and the government to negotiate the terms. When they first left Greece on Dec 13, 1967 it was widely discussed and later proven that the Queen took with her all the royal jewelry. These were the personal property of the family accumulated over the years.
At a later date the first items were shipped and at the time of the negotiations and legal wranglings the remainder was sent to London.
I believe the persons who removed the property were either unaware the remainder of the items still existed or thought the items left behind had no value.
On the upside there will be geniune items displayed when that museum finally opens.
I was thinking of all of the fabulous vintage clothes owned by Queen Anne Marie. I would love to be able to take a tour of the house just to see the clothing!
I think that the palace of Tatoi is not in a tourist area, it is very polluting , this is not the Tatoi the 60s, this has changed a lot .
I would like to see a exhibition of dresses of the Queen Ann-Marie but accompanied by the Queen, I would not like see it with a tourist guide,
because I do not like to nobody talk me in past time of people who are alive.
Belt,I can't believe how many "high" connections you have!You'll take Anna-Maria with you? :ohmy: You won't forget us,right?You'll post us everything she tells you.I want all the details ;) Just kidding :lol:
Iakynthi, I see that you know me very little. I have friends up in Hell.
I think that the palace of Tatoi is not in a tourist area, it is very polluting , this is not the Tatoi the 60s, this has changed a lot .
I would like to see a exhibition of dresses of the Queen Ann-Marie but accompanied by the Queen, I would not like see it with a tourist guide,
because I do not like to nobody talk me in past time of people who are alive.

Not this lifetime Belt. The Queen is not going to be a guide to the tourists.
Besides no one exactly clarified what sort of clothing was found there. We just have to wait and see. I will be among the first to visit when it opens.
Tatoi is not in a tourist area it had never been.
My words have been misinterpreted, you are interpreted in the literal sense, I wrote it to be interpreted figuratively .. I speak of history.
The dresses were several dresses of Chanel that were found in the rubble palace in 2007.

several months ago I was talking with a friend of these dresses he sent to me several pictures of when Queen Ann-Marie had put it in visits or acts officials, If I find the photos and I remenber it , I could put it in this forum
I am sorry if I seemed to be dismissive in any way. I am a tad nostalgic about the Queen being a young bride and new mother in Tatoi wearing those fabulous gowns. If you do come across those pictures send them to Rhapsody Brat. She is the one in charge of the GRF photos and she may be able to post them on the monthly poll for us.:flowers:
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Tatoi Royal Estate

The government has set aside 800,000 euros in its new budget for the much-delayed renovation of the former royal estate at Tatoi, it was revealed few weeks ago as authorities prepare to invite tenders for the project.

An office was set up on the 3,000-hectare site at the foot of Mount Parnitha on the northern outskirts of Athens to accommodate renovation experts who will look through boxes of relics – paintings, manuscripts, clothes and carpets. There are also plans to create a sign-posted route for visitors.

The Tatoi estate was designated a protected site in 2003 following years of lobbying by cultural organizations. The state took possession of the estate in 1994, but has only officially owned it since 2002 when HM King Constantine received compensation for the expropriated property following a European Court decision.

Those who are interested to find more about the Royal Estate please leave a comment as I am from Greece and live so close to the beautiful estate. Me and some colleagues of mine we are working on a Marketing Plan for the the future use of the estate based on its long successful history.

Needles to say that a Royal Estate without its inhabitants (The Greek Royal Family) it will be just another museum.
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Tatoi Estate

If you and your colleagues would like, I could give you hi resolution photos of the Tatoi Estate with all the buildings and also the Royal cemetary. It is a two years archive with over 390 photos.
:previous:I would love to see the pictures, but the links are coming up "bad encrypt dictionary". Whatever that means.
I guess it's all Greek to you :whistling: Ha ha...You just have to scroll down slowly and wait each time for the next photo to appear.I hope this will help :flowers:
Photo Archive's

please wait for the PDF files to load. On the down left corner of your internet explorer you could see the downloading time and file size.
I guess it's all Greek to you :whistling:

You gave me a good chuckle with this reply! :lol:And yes, you are correct, it is all greek to me! I still can't see the pics. The same msg comes up. and this time I waited for something to load, but adobe acrobate popped up and then in the lower left corner it said "done" and nothing showed up.

So I give up. I so dislike confusers!
Tatoi photo archive's

Hi again,
I will upload the same PDF photo files but in english. I think that the problem is that your PC could not read greek letters.

Sorry for the trouble!!!

Vasilofron I have same doubts:
First, I read a law of the Greek government about the future palace of Tatoi , I think it was 2007 and it planned buildings parks and sports .... but I do not remember anything said it about museum dedicated to the Royal Family.

This talk of a residence for public office, but it said nothing of a museum.
I know that the law has been modified but I don´t know the exact contents while it is possible that until the restoration is possible to change much the content of the law.​

I think it is difficult to untie TAtoi to THE IDEA OF Royal Palace, I will like it outside a museum but I think it is very difficult. I think it would attract much tourism because tourists identify it with the royal house, but so I think the politicians try to make every effort to disassociate itself from the idea Tatoi = Royal Family , especially PASOK.

I think it's hard to think that in future this is a museum, but I believe that we can not lose hope.
I support you, TAtoi = Royal Palace are united and I believe that no political force can separate the idea of TAtoi = royal palace. They can give a destination different to museum ,but they can not separate the idea de TAtoi=palace Royal

I remember a Greek Association requested that the palace was a museum dedicated to the Queen Federika, Are you of this association? .​

I am not with any association!
These associations never really were interested in nothing exept for the way they could sell memorabillia and other things just to get money!

The Greek Ministry of culture has said formally that the palace building will become a museum and all the contents that are inside the palace will be maintained and put back inside as they were and also contents from the palace of Athens and Mon Repos will also be in the future museum.

Once I have more information from the ministry of culture and from the archaeological service I will post on this board!

We have had a change in ministers of the goverment and also a new minister of culture, so some things may change again!

I was thinking about the same thing as well:let's see what Antonis Samaras,the new Minister,has to say.We all know that even if he agrees with everything,it will take much more time for all those things to get started ;)
Excuseme Vasilofron by the question.
I read a lot about a partnership to make a museum in the palace of Tatoi in tribute to the Queen Federika, they even asked the Greek government this museum. The association said that it was made up of people from Tatoi.
Hi again,
It's the first time I have heard about this tribute to Queen Frederika!
I dont know an association with people from Tatoi. What people? The area of Tatoi does not have anything exept of the great forest that everyone should take a walk!

If so, it would be very difficult for a "royal museum"!!!

The goverment may have a problem to turn the palace into a museum with the belongings of the royal family and the historic other thing that are inside!

If these people are from a royalist union or association thats another thing.

In the past years these associations have not done anything about Tatoi!
They have small offices and sell cups, pins, callanders etc!
No move has been made for them for anything!

I know about these people because I had contact with them for many years and saw that there first goal is the restoration of the monarchy and nothing else!

If you could inform me about these people I would be very happy!

Thank you :)
Wow,that was enlightening ;) So this kind of people do exist nowadays...:nonono:
I do not know anybody in this association.I do not remember her name but this is something related to history, historical association or historical memory ... It was something like that, but I do not remember his name. I do not know if these people are monarchists.
If they sell plates, cups .. I do not know. I read about them.
I think his proposal is not very wise because it would make more sense that they had proposed a museum tribute to King Pavlo .. But only a museum in Tatoi tribute to Queen Federika .. This is not logical, but I admit that his was fun proposal.There were also people and politicians who proposed a hotel, a casino ..
The funny thing is that they haven't said a word on the news all these months.If it wasn't the forum,I wouldn't even know that the government started thinking about making something with Tatoi,whatever that would be(to be honest,I haven't understood their intentions yet...:whistling:).And I'll tell you something else now and,please,remember this when the time comes:if PASOK wins in the next elections-which I hope!-forget about Tatoi transformed into a Royal Museum ;)
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