Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Current Events 9: Aug 2023 -

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Grand Duke Henri received Marc Thewes, new President of the Council of State, today, May 21:

** monarchie: Audience pour M. Marc Thewes, nouveau Président du Conseil d’Etat **

And he attended the conference "Security at the Eastern Borders of the European Union and NATO. A Romanian perspective" at the Pierre Werner Institute, meeting Margareta, Custodian of the Crown, and Prince Radu:

** monarchie: Conférence sur la sécurité des frontières orientales de l’UE et de l’OTAN **
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa received the Spanish Escolania de Montserrat Boys Choir today, May 22, and enjoyed a recital:

And she received Bettina Steinbrügge, Director of MUDAM:

Today, June 4, Grand Duke Henri received the new President of the Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CCDH):

** monarchie: Audience de la nouvelle Présidente de la Commission consultatives des Droits de l’Homme (CCDH) **

as well as the new director of the Grand Ducal Police:

** monarchie: Audience du nouveau Directeur de la Police grand-ducale **

Together with the Ambassador of Japan to Luxembourg he visited the company “ispace Europe” – the Luxembourg branch of the Japanese company “ispace inc.”:

** monarchie: Découverte du rover lunaire fabriqué par "ispace Europe" **
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa received Cherryl Harrison, Deputy Director of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) today, June 5:

** monarchie: Audience de Cheryl Harrison, Directrice adjointe au Programme alimentaire mondial (PAM) des Nations Unies **

And Grand Duke Henri met Theodoros Rousopoulos, Greek President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) today:

** monarchie: Audience de Theodoros Rousopoulos, Président de l'APCE **

Grand Duke Henri also met rider Nicolas Wagner 50 days before the Paris Olympic Games:

** monarchie: Rencontre avec le cavalier Nicolas Wagner à 50 jours des Jeux Olympiques de Paris **

And Grand Duchess Maria Teresa enjoyed a visit to the non-profit association ALUPSE, Luxembourg Association of Social Pediatrics for its 40th anniversary:

** monarchie: 40 ans de l'Association Luxembourgeoise de Pédiatrie Sociale (ALUPSE) **

Prior to the World Oceans Day (June 8) Grand Duke Henri attended the “The Ocean comes to Luxembourg” event:

** monarchie: Participation à l'initiative "L'Océan s’invite au Luxembourg" **
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa as President of the Red Cross Luxembourg attended the laying of the first stone of the “House of the Red Cross” in Howald yesterday, June 6:

** monarchie: Pose de la première pierre de la "Maison de la Croix-Rouge" **

Today, June 7, Grand Duke Henri received Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands:

** monarchie: Audience pour S.E.M. Mark Rutte, Premier Ministre du Royaume des Pays-Bas **

And this evening they attended the European Cultural Award 2024 at Philharmonie Luxembourg:

** Pic ** gettyimages gallery ** monarchie: Kulturpraïs 2024 **
Yesterday, June 10, Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa inaugurated the “Elysis” care home in Esch-sur-Alzette :

** monarchie: Inauguration de la maison de soins "Elysis" à Esch-sur-Alzette **

Today, June 11, Grand Duke Henri received Joyce Msuya, Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Coordinator of United Nations Emergency Relief:

** monarchie: Audience de Mme Joyce Msuya - Nations Unies **

And he visited the "Natur&Emwëlt" association in charge of ringing little owls.

** monarchie: Baguage de chouettes chevêches avec l'asbl "Natur&Emwëlt" **
Yesterday, June 12, Grand Duke Henri viewed the exhibition "A return to the native country" by Fernand Bertemes:

** monarchie: Exposition "Un retour au pays natal" - Fernand Bertemes **

Today, June 13, he received the Ambassadors of El Salvador, Sri Lanka and of the Kyrgyz Republic:

** monarchie: Accréditations de nouveaux Ambassadeurs au Luxembourg - 13 june 2024 **

And he attended the inauguration of the new “Tyvek” production at DuPont de Nemours:

** monarchie: Inauguration de la nouvelle de production "Tyvek" chez DuPont de Nemours **
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