Grand Ducal House of Oldenburg

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Jun 4, 2006
The Grand Ducal House of Oldenburg

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Grand Ducal Arms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grand Ducal Standard 1882-1918
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There is Rixa von Oldenburg.
I saw this photo of Rixa von Oldenburg. Rixa von Oldenburg such beautiful and nice woman!
Unfortunately, I saw only this photo. Somebody could place other photos of Rixa von Oldenburg here?
Does have she a husband and children?
I shall be very grateful.
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Rixa is engaged to Philipp Medow. It was announced in Nov 2005. He is quite younger than she, something like eleven or twelve years.
Dulce Elena said:
HH Duchess Rixa of Oldenburg
When were the pictures taken and what was the reason??
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They were taken last summer/fall?? (2006) I believe at the Wohltaetigkeitskonzert at Burg Hohenzollern, which is an event connected to the Prinzessin Kira Stiftung.
I never see much chat about the House of Oldenburg. Do the existing members of the House take any public role in their former realm?
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They are very privat and you see almost no picutres from them.
But there is an new book out of the family which has many nice pictures from the first Grand Duke until the present family and also a Genealogy.

van Hoogstraten Online Shop
Thanks, Stefan. They still live in Schloss Rastede, correct?
Thanks, Stefan. They still live in Schloss Rastede, correct?
Duke Anton Günther and his Family live at Schloß Güldenstein, Duke Peter and Family at the Lehnsahner Hof and also Rastede belongs to the Family. I think Duke Huno and Duke Johann are living there.
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The Oldenburgs seem to have several homes in Schleswig-Holstein which was outside their old realm. Is this because their family has roots in that area as well? (I am not that big on genealogy, but I seem to recall that the Oldenburgs, Mecklinburg royals, and the Danish royals are all closely related.)
Someone was kind enough to ad the Grand Ducal Standard at the top of this thread. I wonder if the family still flies it over their homes?
This is my all time favourite German royal house. It's amazing when you realise that the thrones of Russia, Greece, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden were or currently are occupied by members of branches of the Oldenburg Grand Ducal family. And upon the demise of HM Queen Elizabeth II, the next generation of British rulers will in the unbroken male line be Oldenburgs (Glucksburg branch that is).
It's been said more than once that the Oldenburgs were the role models for the Saxe-Coburgs. :D
I think the genealogy of the Oldenburg family is soooo interesting.

Beginning as the rulers of a tiny piece of land in the HRE, by a clever marriage to a Holstein princess distantly related to the Danish royal house, they eventually ended up inheriting the crowns of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. A younger line kept Oldenburg and Delmenhorst in HRE...and later on junior princes of the Danish royal house became Kings of Greece and Czar of Russia.

One geneartion I find particularly interesting is Karl Peter Ulrich (1728-1762). In addition to his own Oldenburger claims via the paternal line, his grandmother Hedwige Sophie Auguste of Sweden was the sister of Queen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden, so he was intended to inherit the Swedish throne if Ulrika had no heirs. However, his own mother was Anna, Grand Duchess of Russia, and he ended up succeeding her sister the Czarina Elizabeth as Czar Peter III; apparently he cherished hopes of uniting his inherited Russia with Sweden and his own patrimony, the Duchy of Holstein-Gottorp.

For whatever reason, he was rejected as King by the Swedes, and they made his cousin Adolf Friedrich their King instead.

Adolf Friderich's sister Johanna married Christian August, Furst von Anhalt-Zerbst, a general in the Prussian army and the ruler of a tiny tiny principality in Germany. They had a number of children, one of which was a young princess Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst, who was chosen by the Czarina Elizabeth as a suitable bride for her heir Peter. Later on, she became the Czarina Catherine in her own right.

I had never realised how closely Catherine and Peter were related, much less that she was of so exalted a lineage as the Holstein-Gottorps and the future Swedish royal house. Most books always stress how her family were of lowly rank, unimportant, with no money, and make it look like she had won the jackpot by making a marriage with the young Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, future Czar.

When in reality, they were cousins, so of equal rank and birth, and (I guess) his marriage to her was most likely intended to double up on his own claims to the Swedish throne, ie, in case Adolf Friedrich died he was have a good clam not only in his own right but in right of his wife, Adolf's niece.

Anyways, their son Paul I ceded his lands in Holstein to Denmark, and received Oldenburg and Delmenhorst instead, although he didn't keep it and gave it to a cousin, who I believe in the ancestor of the current Duke Anthon Gunther.
The engagement of duchess Rixa of Oldenburg and Philipp Medow has been broken, after a period of 3 years. The duchess called it: 'A mistake, that won't happen to me again'. Rixa and the 12-(or 13) years younger Philipp first met each other in Hamburg and got engaged in November 2005.

An article in German where the duchess says that she is finally happy again: Eine Herzogin geht ihren eigenen Weg

Rixa is the daughter of Duke Friedrich-August of Oldenburg and Princess Marie-Cecile of Prussia.

Courtesy: - de Europese vorstenhuizen
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Marengo, according to the German article (first link) they knew each other only for two years; an engagement is not mentioned.

However I found some more info on the Bunte-Site: Ãœberraschendes Verlobungs-Aus - Bilder - BUNTE

There it says they knew each other for three years & that an engagement was announced in October 2007 ...
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Is Rixa the step daughter of Donata and step sister of the head of the House of Hohenzollern GF??
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Does anyone know if Tatjana who once in 2001 was engaged to Jean de Vendôme is married now ?
It appears from the genealogical sites that Duchess Tatiana remains unmarried.
Herzogin Tatjana von Oldenburg, daughter of Herzog Johann and former fiancée of de Duc de Vendome has become engaged to Count Axel de Chavagnac.

Source: Le Figaro
does the phrase "speaking of The devil" Come to mind...(Im NOT Calling her a devil its just a phrase
I think it is such a shame that the marriage between her and Prince Jean never happened, all because she wouldn't convert to Cathlocism, now both have married non royals.
Has someone a postal adress of the Grand Ducal House of Oldenburg?

Thank you,

The marriage between duchess Tatjana and Axel de Chavagnac will be on 11th September 2010.
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