Gråsten Palace, Gråsten in the Jutland region of southern Denmark

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* Gråsten has a beautiful garden. The scent must be wonderful with all those flowers. And beautiful video and pictures; Mary is a talented amateur photographer. She takes very natural photos with a sense of capturing the moment and feeling.
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Weeell, that's not how the weather is right now. It's rainy, windy and cool.

As per agreement between the Ministry of Education and the weather gods, the weather always turns sour at the start of the school holidays. That'll teach the little critters to pay attention in school. :D
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:previous: I think so too, Muhler :D

As for the pictures I’m sure Mary took the pictures yesterday as they were published this morning. The weather was great yesterday.

Not least compared to the weather today.
Let’s hope it changes back to last week’s wonderful weather.
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* Gråsten has a beautiful garden. The scent must be wonderful with all those flowers.

The Garden and Park is really great. Was there 2 years ago just days before the Royals arrived. And you could walk everywhere even direct at the Castle. Only the Court before the Castle was closed when i arrvied but as later the Castle Church open one could also walk there to come to it.
The rose you can see at Mary’s second picture is the Crown Princess Mary rose :flowers:
Our national bird. The Swan.

And as QMII explained in a docu about Gråsten, the swans do what swans do when they walk up on the grass...
Unfortunately the royal dogs roll in it, finding that the swan... eh, greeting cards provides a most attractive scent. :argh:?:yuk::wacko:
Here are some more new special photos taken by Crown Princess Mary:

** kongehuset gallery **

Then it can’t be more Danish. Like a true H.C. Andersen fairytale. :daneflag2:

Crown Princess Mary takes lovely pictures and it is nice she often shares them with us.

If you've been following Mary over the years, you can't help but notice how much she 'sees' things and easily gets excited about things on her way. It’s a really good quality to have as a human. Excitement.
It’s a quality I really try to let my children take with them through life.
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