Good Morning, I am CissyAnn

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Aug 16, 2009
United States
Greetings Everyone.

My name is CissyAnn, I live in Texas, USA, I am 47 years old, divorced, no children.

I have been interested in Royals for a few years, have read several books, because of my own background, my interests are fairly focused on British Royals.

I found this website by doing a search on Google.

It is a pleasure to meet everyone, thank you for having me.
Welcome to the forum.Here you can enjoy a lot:flowers:
Hi. Have a good time here :flowers:
Zubiaur & Magnik


Nice to meet you and thank you so much.
Hello CissyAnn :flowers:


Hope, you will have a great time and enjoy the forums!
Thank you, ladybelline, Marsel, Dierna23 for your warm hospitality. Very nice to meet each one of you.
Welcome, glad you are here! Arlington, that's where the Rangers play ball, right?
Thank you for your warm welcome Kristens. Yes, I think it is where the Rangers play ball, but honestly I am not sure? Not a big sports fan. lol
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