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Twinkling Tiaras and Raging Royals

Hello All. Many of you will have heard of podcasts. If not, let me explain. Podcasts are daily, weekly or monthly audio files that you can download to an I-pod, other MP3 player or just to a computer. Well, I'm going to be experimenting with a Royalty podcast which will probably be weekly. The main idea is that I waffle on about Royal news for 40 minutes but I hope it's going to be enjoyable for people who want to download it. The podcast will be in MP3 format and if they're successful, possibly an XML format too. The first podcast is being recorded tomorrow and I'll be talking about;

Prince Charles and his Boiled Eggs
Prinsjesdag Fashion
The Coup in Thailand
The Reburial of Empress Maria Feodorovna
William and Kate - The Future

There's also some stuff about Paul Burrell, Monaco and Japan in there too. Now, if you want to comment on any of these things, whatever they are, just send your comment in an email to; and I'll try my best to include them. Don't post your comments for the podcast in this thread, email them like this;

Dear Sam,


[Name], [Where you're from]

And when you tell me where you're from, try and tell me a city or a town and a country so that we get a good idea just where you're from without actually having your address! If you have anything else you'd like on the podcast, just email it. If it's a success, I'll be doing one next week too. I'll give you the link tomorrow for the actual podcast but until then, please do send me your comments. :flowers:

Best Wishes


I'm sure it's going to be great, Sam! I'll be looking forward to it, I'm especially interested in what you have to say about Charles and his boiled eggs! :flowers: :lol:

The phrase you have:

With all those which comes on my forum known as me which misses so that I l'ajoute please.

should read:

Would all who come to visit my forum let me know what is missing, or incorrect, so that I can correct it.
Invitation for the European Nobility Network

Dear Sir, Madam,

The European Nobility Network’s (ENN) purpose is to support the position of the aristocracy. Membership is open to anyone who supports us in our cause and shows a genuine interest in the nobility. Membership does not imply recognition of any qualification.

Please have a look:
Windsor Brides had been fully updated with photos, information, facts and more!
Have any of you ever heard about the Cilane?
CILANE website |
CILANE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The European Commission of the Nobility under the name CILANE ("Commission d'information et de liaison des associations nobles d'Europe") was established in 1959, April, foremost for the exchange of experiences and information about developments in its member Associations.

Members and links

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
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Venouska Mowatt (BRF Princess Alex's granddaughter) has a twitter account, I think. It sure seems real. In any case, the young lady has a sense of humor.
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The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor isn't online anymore :( :sad:
The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor isn't online anymore :( :sad:

That is quite sad. Even after the author stopped posting, the archive was very valuable. I hope wherever they are, they are ok.
And the blog Her Majesty's Jewel Vault too.
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