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Please make certain you are actually logged in. My guess is that you are viewing but not logged in to your account.
Please make certain you are actually logged in. My guess is that you are viewing but not logged in to your account.

I wasn't logged in at the time the screenshot was taken, but I logged in soon after that and still got those adds... Anyway, they seem to have disappeared now, but it would be useful to know how to get rid of them incase they appear again. :)
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Is the page called the Royal articles associated with this forum free?
Is there any way I can prevent large advertising coming up on the Royal Forums pages that practically cover up the entire page so I can't see anything and have no delete button?
Just google for the free ad blocker add-on/extension for the browser you are using.

For Firefox you don't even need to go through google...
click on Tools > Add-ons > Get Add-ons > type ad blocker in the search box and choose one from the list. It's safe, and free.
On my IPad 2night-
When I asked Ceri for the Royal Forums, and hit the usual link- I got a page of TRF that said latest forum topics, and I had to click on forum listings all to get the normal homepage. Is this normal now?
Mods- this is the link I got-
Is it safe?
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That page is known as the 'Portal page'; for many members it serves as the entry point for the Forums.
Of course the page is "safe". Why would it be otherwise?


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I had seen the link of coarse, didn't know what it was.
The web never used as a homepage before, at least not for me.
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I sent a PM this morning, and then noticed it wasn't in the Sent Items folder.
I sent it again, no big deal, but where did the first one go? Into outer space?
No one else can read it can they?
If it is not in the sent items it probably was not sent for some reason. Nobody -including the mods and admins- can read PM's unless they are sent or forwarded to them.
Thank you. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't forwarded- but I am sure it wasn't because that wasn't in the folder either.
How do I notify the Moderators that a post should be moved to another thread?

It will not allow me to send a message without opening up my private E-mail?
How do I notify the Moderators that a post should be moved to another thread?

It will not allow me to send a message without opening up my private E-mail?

Did you try the red triangle in the top right hand side next to the post number? That usually works for me.

The "Report post" button you've mentioned is an option, but not the optimal solution. According to the rules that button is meant for reporting "inappropriate content", potentially offensive, objectionable or illegal things you've noticed within a thread.

A post that should be moved is a comparatively harmless case, so the best way to handle it, would be a PM to the moderator of the respective subforum.

Hope this helps! :flowers:
PM isn't working so I guess I will have to use the red triangle.

Why does the private message method not work for you? I've send you a test PM and we'll try to find what's wrong there.
It will not allow me to send private messages because I have turned off this option.

When I had PM open, my personal E-mail was flooded with messages and I haven't turned PM back on since shortly after joining.
You can turn off notifications features which allows you only to see forums messages when you're online.
PM Notifications explained

To clarify what "notifications" are, here is some detail for any members who are unsure...

Click on User CP [Control Panel] found on the left hand side of the top dark blue bar of every Forum page.

Under the heading Your Control Panel on the left hand side, scroll down to Edit Options [thumbnail 1].

When Edit Options is opened, scroll down to Messaging & Notification and within that area to Private Messaging.

There are five options in Private Messaging, two of which are relevant to this topic...

Enable Private Messaging [thumbnail 2] - when ticked the member is able to send and receive Private Messages from other members and staff. [If this is turned off and the Admins or Mods need to send the member a PM, we may enable it from the master Control Panel.]

Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages [thumbnail 3] - when ticked the member receives a copy of any incoming PMs. A full copy of the PM is emailed to the member's private email address while the 'original' is sent to the member's Forum PM inbox. This feature allows members to keep abreast of incoming messages without having to be logged into the Forums. No member email addresses are disclosed in this process. Note that PM email notification is one-way; it is a notification only and any reply must be sent via the PM system while logged into the Forums.


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Thanks Warren,

I only recently discovered CP and haven't really checked into all its features.

Thanks again.
Is there supposed to be a mini picture of Sophie and Edward- Molly's avatar across the banners and top of screens now? Only on some pages- not on others.
So I cleared my history- now back to normal. Weird. I'll let you know if it comes back...
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I hope someone can help with my query? I am finding when I open certain photo links (image on my iPad I am redirected to random advertising or game sites. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what I can do to turn this off? Thank you in advance for any assistance ?

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I put as the title of this thread "HRH Crown Prince Boris of Bulgaria " and I wonder why this was changed.

[Mod note: this message has been moved from the thread 'Princess Miriam and Sons' in the Bulgarian Forum]
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The title was changed as no teenager has a thread of his/her own at TRF. There will be very little news to report and as a result such a thread will be inactive quickly.
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Didn't Crown Prince Hussein have his own thread while still a teenager?
Indeed he did, but that is an exception to the rule as decided by the Jordanian moderators. The thread was started when the crown prince was 19 as he had several events of his own. We may decide in the future to do the same for the Princess of Orange, Princess of Asturias and the Duchess of Brabant and others when they become 18 and reach adulthood. However, prince Boris is 17 and has few public activities. So sharing a thread with his mother and brother seems the best option.
Prince Boris is 18 in October.
Indeed he will be. If the prince will have a high amount of public duties we will consider giving him a thread of his own. For now that is not the case.
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