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Aug 4, 2005
What are the birthdates of this royal family? Starting from Queen Beatrix, her husband, their sons, the sons wives, and their children... all the way to Princess Alexia. I think she is the newest member?

The Queen's birthday is January 31, 1938
Prince Willem-Alexander: April 27, 1967
Princess Maxima: May 17, 1971
Princess Catherina-Amalia: December 7, 2003
Princess Alexia: June 26, 2005
Prince Constantijn: October 11, 1969
Princes Laurentien: May 25, 1966
Countess Eloise: June 8, 2002
Count Claus-Casimir: March 21, 2004
Prince Johan-Frisco: September 25, 1968
Princess Mabel: ???
Countess Luana: March 26, 2005

Princess Margriet: January 19, 1943
Pieter van Vollenhoven: April 30, 1939
Prince Maurits: April 17, 1968
Princess Marilene: February 4, 1970
Anna van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven: April 15, 2001
Lucas van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven: October 26, 2002
Felicia van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven: May 31, 2005
Prince Bernhard: December 25, 1969
Princess Annette: April 18, 1972
Isabella van Vollenhoven: May 14, 2002
Samuel van Vollenhoven: May 25, 2004
Prince Pieter-Christiaan: March 22, 1972
Princess Anita: ???
Prince Floris: April 10, 1975
Aimee: ????
Mabel: August 11th, 1968

Anita: October 27th, 1969

Aimée: October 18th, 1977
The Royal Orange Quartet

:eek: The four Dutch Queens and the Crown Juwels
( 32 Quartet With Old photo of Dutch Royals);)

from Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion.


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Golden coach and Royal Palace Huis Ten Bosch.


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H.M.Queen Juliana Visit Suriname 1978 and Z.K.H.Prince Bernhard.


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Crown Princess Beatrix. Royal Family on vacation.


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What are these exactly? They look like trading cards. Is it a game?
Yes That is true,is a Quertet.Must to try four card with the same all the Queens together.
I don"t now exactly are this a trading cards? is a gift for promotion of the Netherlands.
I have buy this cards 15-20 years a go from the church for ("second hand goods") they get from eldery people.After they go to the old peoples home.
Wedding Speeches

Does anyone has the wedding speeches of the children and grandchildren of Queen Juliana?
BCweddingClausspeech.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Dear Trix. I want to thank you for the love which makes me happy. Nobody would be touched more by your smile than I'm touched. You let me see that after these smile there is a loving heart dissembled which cares for the problems of the people you meet. I face with gladness the wonderful and ambitious duty which we abut on our collective shoulder from now one.:wub:

I hope my translation is not that bad.

I just have this little part of his speech, sorry.
I don't think the speech was ever released by the RVD. As they didn't have camera's at their private party I am afraid the only people who know are those who attended.
Anecdotes and Quotes of Members of the Dutch RF

I just came across a funny conversation of Queen Juliana and a minister and I thought it might be interesting to get a topic started on this where we can share more of those.

In the 60-ties, on a cold day Minister Schmeltzer was asked to come to Palace Soestdijk, which he did but the roads were dangerous and slippery due to the ice etc. The minister arrived at the Palace 3 minutes late. He apologises for this and explains the ordeals of his trip.

Queen Juliana is shocked and explaims ´ But Mr. Schmeltzer, why on earth didn´t you cancel the appointment?´

Schmelzer replies: ´When you ask for me, I come´

Juliana: ´But it is nonsense to come all the way from The Hague in this weather?´

Schmelzer: ´I won´t permit myself to disagree with you´

Juliana: ´From what time do you come, realy´

Schmelzer: ´From 1921, Your Majesty´


Anecdotes like this were very popular among the Dutch as they realy wanted to hear see that their souvereign was also just an ordinairy woman.
Beatrix, Claus, Margriet & Pieter Singing mp3

Has anyone got the Mp3 of Beatrix, Claus, Margriet and Pieter singing that pop song? I can't find it and wouldnt mind listening to it again. I know there was a link on the forums somewhere but the search feature isn't fantastic in it's findings.

Thanx Anriac but I can't see the link!
Ah! I can now. Thanx!!
That's an interesting song. What is it about, and when was it sung? And is it really them?
That's an interesting song. What is it about, and when was it sung? And is it really them?

Yes that ARE Beatrix, Claus, Pieter and Magriet. The last two are referenced as Piet and Pitie, It was recorded for the coppery wedding of Pieter and Magrit in 1980. Every attendee of the party got the record as a gift. Also Willem Duys got one ( I am not sure if it was accidentally, but he got one) and let it hear while his radio programm and fortunally one of the listeners recorded it. And so it was never really lost, but just a few know about it. And in the last weeks it was more present again.

It is a fun song. They paraphrase about the word "Loo".
Why are the windows of the golden coach always open?

It always makes an incomplete impression: as if someone forgot to tidy up that small detail by closing the windows.

If the interior is too hot, then why not just instal air conditioning ventilation?
Perhaps they want to hear what the people are shouting from the streets.

About the airco, since the coach is over a hundred years old, they might not want to put in one. Perhaps it would damage the coach too much.
The glass is probably quite thick. However, I believe (and bear in mind that I do not speak from experience) the occupants will surely hear what the crowd are saying with the window closed.
Royal protocol

In the wake of Crown Princess Victoria and the birth of her daughter I wondered what and how the protocol for a royal birth in Holland is?
There is no big ceremony as far as I can remember.
After a child is born the parents have three days max. to announce the birth. Same for the royals.
W-A announced the names on the third day in all three births, I think.
No pictures of the baby and parents leaving the hospital like with the Danish and Swedish.
In the wake of Crown Princess Victoria and the birth of her daughter I wondered what and how the protocol for a royal birth in Holland is?

When an Heir Apparent is born, 101 salutes are fired in several different locations of the Kingdom. The names of the child are announced either by an official announcement, or at the civil registry. Prince Claus opted for the latter when he announced the name of his first-born son. Soon after birth, the child is baptised as a member of the Dutch Reformed Church.
William IV Monogram ?

Dear all,

I kindly ask you a suggestion for the monogram dispalyed on below picture, the monogram says "CW" and has a marquis crown. Since William IV name was Wilhelm Carl Heinrich Friso, and he was maquis of Veere and Vlissingen, I think that this could be his monogam, but I would like to hear a comment from an expert.


Thanks and Regards
Correspondence etiquette

Dear all,
Please advise on the addressing form in letters addressed to HRH Queen Maxima.

And if anyone can help would be much appreciated.

I have to address a letter to Queen Maxima presenting a project similar to Money Wise and it is the first time i am addressing a so much has to be perfect.

Thank you so much,

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