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:previous: Thank you for the irony, and excuse me for reading between lines and not get stuck in the superficiality of pictures, and not swallow every piece of information as if it were God´s word.

If that is true, I´m glad for the schools and hospital if there was ant kind of contribution and it means a relief for them. Now, someone is mixing up things here. One thing is a "voyage privé", another a humanitarian trip. PDV is not selling the latter, at least not in the cover, with the most inappropriate picture for informing about a humanitarian cause. "Au coeur de l´Himalaya, dans lítimité dún voyage privé" souds like they were peeping into their "honeymoon" and were lucky as to get the pictures. And we know who released the pictures, so I ask again, are the palace PR trying to show that Monaco does some charity abroad, or are they using that as an excuse for selling us the image of the very much in love couple?

Maybe it is a little twisted but that is my perception.
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It was not a privat travel, there were several personalities in this visit. It was an humanatory travel and there were many contributions and projects with this travel. There was also a french association with them beside the associations of Monaco. There will be a future school because the one which is already built is too small, the hospital will have a department for the women which are pregnant.
Point de vue will be on sell to day, you can not know whar will be in it. There is not only this newspaper which speak about this visit, there are also two newspapers of Monaco Monaco matin made last monday a report with photos, there are photos of the couple with the people of these small villages and on a small narrow bridge and the newspaper La Gazette
You hate Charlene , what she could do is criticed. If it was not Charlène who married Prince Albert, you would have critic an another woman who would have married Prince Albert. You wanted Ptincess Caroline and her chidren for the sucession. Now Charlene is the wife of Ptince Albert, you can not do anything only always to critic Only the people of Monaco can judjge Charlene and not people who are not monegash and are living far away from Monaco
I don't think we need to discuss likes and dislikes again.

The salient point is - and that's what rosana is mainly talking about - is the way of reporting.
It's the magazines that create the stories, they may have been offered pics, but in the end
it's them who write the stories and headlines. Point de Vue is not a political magazine it's a
gossip magazine after all. And we know that love stories or dramas sell better than a detailed
report about charity projects - which of course is a pity.
I bought the newspaper this morning, and I read the text, it was the same text that i read in Monaco Matin which is a serious paper of News. Point De Vue is not a gossip magazine. It spoke with serious about the lifes of the royals for years. Many royals not only the grimaldi gave interviews in it.
Talking about a title of this paper without knowing wath's inside is drawing to the weong conclusions.
This newspaper is only to sell this morning. The report is not done by a reporter of this paper; The long text and the photos are made by Priscilla Telmon(photographer, writter traveller specializing in hymalayan populations.
She said that she accompagnied the couple with the presidents of the associations and a minister of Monaco. The prince is the president of the monegash associations. untill years.
Priscilla Tellmon describes the life and the habits of these very poor populations.
The couple , the presidents and the minister have visited the existing structures financied by Monaco and the associations.(schools, clinic,craft workshop for wifes). The prince came to lay the first stone for a future school and a future university( many students came for far to attend this special event) The couple brought gifts for the children.
There are photos of the populations, chidren and other with the prince, princess and presidents of the associations.
A privat visit can also be a humanitory travel far away of the medias. Many princes of others royal families done it , and there were no critics. but here it is Charlène and Albert.
I think the writter sold the photos on this travel to different newspapers to pay her future humanitory travels with agreement of the palace. I find anything wrong on it, we get at the end beautiful photos and we know the life of this population.s and what Monaco did for them and what this land will go on to do. Prince Albert and Charlène were in their jobs of prince to promote these actions. and it is publicity for the associations which need money to finance these structures and the peoples who give money for them, see the serouisly of these associations and what is done with the money given by them
Now I will not add nothing else more but I wanted to say you the verity.
Did we ever find out the outcome to the lawsuit they took out against some newspapers regarding those runaway bride stories?
I would love it if Charlene and Albert had a photo-shoot similar to the one that Grace had done by Howell Conant when she was pictured dressing the Christmas tree. Didn't we get pics of Albert & Charlene taking a dip at Larvotto beach about this time of year?
This year it was only Albert attending.
Charlene was in Germany at the time her husband was jumping in the water.
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That's so funny hope you had a lovely time and happy new year
Prince Albert , Charlene and four guests had a dinner in Laon the town near le chateau du Marchais last tuesday, this article said the custumers were surprised to see the couple among them, this article also said that the couple like a lot to be at le chateau du Marchais and last summer, After the wedding, they were seen to make walks with bicycles

Albert de Monaco dîne au restaurant | L'Union

It is perhaps an old news but I found this article in Monaco hebdo published in october, it was an interview of Christiane Stalh when she left the team of the prince, we can read that there was no dispute between Madame Stalh and princess Charlene as english and america newspapers and naughties english forums said it at this times, they were once time more again wrong. I also say that The lady received the Saint Charles medal for her work at the palace at the national fest in last november and she attended to this ceremony in person


the link is
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on the official site 'palais princier ' on face book there are many vidéos about the last events in decembre
opening christmas market, the plantation of a tree in Mandelieu, fighaids gala and so

the link does not work but you can watch if you are register, it is the official site of the princely palace
Speaking of surprising people, last April, when on a visit to Ireland, Albert and Charlene surprised the drinkers in a pub called "Durty Nelly's" when they turned up out of the blue. There they sat, in the midst of a load of rugby fans. !! :lol:

So quiet and unobtrusive were they that many people didn't realise that they were there at all. Of those that did, they smiled at them but didn't intrude on them.

I'm not sure if this is the correct thread in which to ask this question - has there been any word yet on the appointment of Charlene's Lady-in-Waiting. ?
I'm not sure if this is the correct thread in which to ask this question - has there been any word yet on the appointment of Charlene's Lady-in-Waiting. ?
No, I didn't get an invitation for the job interview (yet) so the job must still be available :lol:
Mrs Gallico is the lady in waiting of the palace, she was the lady in waiting of Princess Grace and she loves the prince and the princesses as her children. They like her a lot. Last national fest in november, she entered after the princely couple and the princesses, she had many difficulties to walk.
I think she is the lady in waiting of prince Albert and Charlene but Charlène has nobody when she travelled officially. Last year, it was Donatella De Knecht her witness for the wedding who was always with her during the mass of national fest and St Devote or when she went in South Africa but Donatella has four children to care. I think Charlene will have soon a lady in waiting.
She will presumably need someone much younger than Mrs Gallicio.
there was a resume of the stories of Kate and Charlène, when they met William and Charlène(for Charlene there is the video when she won at the mare Nostrum race at Monaco in 2000 under the eyes of Albert and when she received her medal on the podium) there are the weddings of Kate and Charlene and the last news of Kate and Charlene.
Try to writte the http.perhaps it will work
Thanks everyone. ! :flowers:

Donatella sounds like a contender but the fact that she has a young family could prove problematic especially if Charlene travels a lot.

Mrs Gallico sounds like a wonderful mother figure. Maybe there is someone within her own family who might prove suitable. ?
Prince Albert and Charlene seems to be here for their vacation.
This american newspaper as other newspapers are always writting that Charlene wanted to fly and so. It was false but they go on to writte they will never recognize that it was only a rumor and that all the usa newspapers were wrong. Now they say that they are quieter and have good holidays . Poor medias!

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock vacation on Antigua and Barbuda -

there is this article in the south africa newspaper You

Princess Charlene, a royal hit | YOU
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The NY Post is more of a tabloid than a legitimate newspaper. PA and PC were on the "Today Show" in November and treated very well by the host. They talked about the wedding rumors and that it was unfair.
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