General News about the Swedish Royal Family, Part 2: January 2021 -

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The Ambassador of Italy to Sweden, Vinicio Mati, has told about meeting the King and Queen, Victoria and Daniel at the diplomatic reception at the Royal Palace on 30th May:
The ambassador spoke with the King and Queen as well as the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel. The meeting at the Palace was characterized by the greatest cordiality. During the talks, the deep and historic ties of friendship between Italy and Sweden and the possibilities for further development of relations in all areas of mutual interest were touched upon, as well as the Crown Princess couple's recent visit to Italy. Ambassador Mati also briefed the Swedish royals on the latest developments regarding the severe flooding in the Emilia Romagna region and the efforts being made for a quick return to normal.
Ambassadör Vinicio Mati träffar den svenska kungafamiljen – Ambasciata d'Italia Stoccolma
Margareta Thorgren confirmed to Svensk Damtidning that the royal family spends the winter holiday week ("Sports holiday") in Sweden, privately.
Aftonbladet's paywall article The plan for the King - if there would become war
Sweden's entry into NATO, the war in Ukraine and a shaky outside world have caused Sweden to increase preparedness - what happens if there is a war? For the country's Head of State, there has long been a plan.
The secret plan
The plan for Victoria
"It is the King's main task"

Svensk Damtidning quotes the article
Preparedness has been increased as a result of the war in Ukraine, Sweden's entry into NATO and an uncertain outside world. When both the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and the government announced that "there could be war in Sweden", many people started to prepare by studying and stocking up on food and necessities.
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