General News about the Danish Royal Family Part 2: January 2013 - November 2015

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Will this Villemann woman ever go away!! Is she a doctor?? There are many people around who suffer the same thing and keep on working. Villemann prefers to portray Her Majesty as some sort of basket case, which is simply not so. I am sure HM will step down if her health situation were to prevent her from continuing her duties in the proper manner. But I don't think she is anywhere near that bad yet. She appears to be able to walk quite well for someone with this condition. Villemann loves to make uninformed negative comments about the DRF. I think She is the basket case.
Well thats my soap box comment for the day. Cheers and a good day to all of you.
Trine Villemann has made an appearance again. This time in the serious newspaper Politiken, where she has written about the DRF. This time calling for QMII to abdicate due to her poor health...
Unusually, the court has this time refuted Trine Villemann's claims in a very direct and undiplomatic manner!!

Er Dronningen for syg til at passe sine pligter? - Royale |

I haven't got access to the actual newspaper, (being a Copenhagener newspaper the local shops don't even sell it over here in Jutland).

Anyway, it's no secret that QMII has back problems, suffering as she is from Spinalstenosis.

Trine Villemann writes: "The truth is that Her Majesty Queen Margrethe the Second of Denmark is too ill to do her duty/job. Amalienborg is flipping backwards in attempting to hide that the Queen is so plagued by arthritis that it over time has become impossible for her to perform her official duties.
What other company in Denmark - private as well as public - can get away with having a leader, who by now can neither stand nor walk without very strong medication?
And who several times for health reasons have cancelled the important statevisits, which are said to benefit the export, because our crowned head is there to smile and toast?
My quesition is, how much pain relieving medication a Queen can take before before the mental capabillities are no longer intact. Will a Queen on heavy pain relieving medication for example understand the laws that are presented for her to sign"?

For once the court responds and Lene Balleby says: "What nonsense. Her Majesty the Queen does indeed have a poor back with the good and bad periods that entails. The Queen has recieved medical treatment, there is nothing new in that. But the Queen has not cancelled a single one of her official duties with the exception of the planned state visit to Chile, where the doctors advised her from travelling only because of the long flight, which at that time could be particularly strenous for the back".

- Well... I shall refrain from commenting. I don't think that's necessary...

Muhler, please comment:flowers::flowers: lol

Im surprised Trine was reported on in such a serious paper. but im glad the court has quickly address this nonsence.
I couldnt remember the Queen canceling any event, so i was a bit confused. (Besides Chile, which i think was greatly done by Frederik and Mary)

oh sure her 15 minutes of fame are almost up, or she can go again and attack F&M, and J, with her "inside sources":whistling::ROFLMAO:
:previous: Suffice to say we are in the middle of the silly season. ;)
Trine seems to think that its a good time to address the matter just a few days before King Albert abdicates. Moreover, no sure why her facts aren't correct. QM hasn't cancelled one event that has been listed on her calendar so far except for an overseas trip as the court mentioned.
And to illustrate the often familiar tone and relationship between some journalists and members of the DRF.

BB this week has an article about one of their journalist, Trine Larsen, who has lost 72 kilos and is now weighing 62 kilos. That's all very impressive. However Trine Larsen explains how she has been complimented by members if the DRF.

When she a few years ago discussed diets and cooking books with Prince Henrik he said to her: "You (formal you) are just erotically chubby".

- Trine Larsen is IMO the best royal reporter in DK at present, not that there are that many, but easily filling the shoes of former royal reporters like Bodil Cath and Poul Jørgensen.
Her articles often contain a good deal of depth and she has landed a number of very interesting interviews in the past few years.
The only competitor would be Ulla Therkelsen, but she doesn't really count because she is among the very top of TV news correspondents - no matter what topic.
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Muhler what about Anna Johansen the reporter from Billed Bladet? Was she a serious journo? Or has she retired now?
Muhler what about Anna Johansen the reporter from Billed Bladet? Was she a serious journo? Or has she retired now?

Yes, she has retired.

She was a serious reporter in the sense that she was very good at establishing a personal rapport with members of the DRF. They could also rely on her discretion, knowing there were things she wouldn't write about and that they could trust her to respect a request. - That's basically in line with the current BB policy and also the policy Se & Hør followed beforehand, so in a sense she helped cementing that line.
However Anna Johannsen tended, I think, to focus very much on the more glamorous part of being royal and the emotions and love and idyl, sugarcoating the whole thing quite a lot sometimes, while putting the purpose of what the royals were doing somewhat in the background.
That's fine for bedtime reading or while at the hairdresser but not if you want hard info.
She did however have an abillity to get some members of the DRF, PH in particular, to open up and talk about themselves, confide to her actually. - I remember an interview where PH felt sorry for himself and apparantly opened up and got it out that way

Trine Larsen can sugar coat too when she want's to, but over the past say tree to five years, her style has changed to very much focusing on what the royals are actually doing, explain the purpose and allow them to get their message across, something the DRF are of course very much interested in. Which is why I believe she has landed and continue to land some very good interviews. And inbetween the hard facts we also get some personal stories from the DRF as a biproduct of these interviews.

I've been translating and summarizing BB articles for eight years now, so you get to know the style of the individual reporters and I can now tell by reading the name of the reporter what kind of coverage we will get.

Annelise Weimann is a journalist who follow the same line as Anna Johannsen. She has also been around forever. She has a very good connection with older members of the DRF.

Ken Richter is a reporter. You can count on him reporting exactly what went on with a minimum of sugar coating, he is litterally the readers eyes out there. He's not particular interested in emotions and dresses, but when you finished reading an article of his, you have a very clear picture of what physically happened.

Henrik Salling sometimes deals with the royal stuff and he basically follow the line of the older reporters. I.e. light reading, positive angling and some sugar. I suspected him of having a crush on our Marie, certainly in the beginning, as she got a very good press from him!

Marianne Singer has moved from BT, where she was a royal reporter. She is still new and it's difficult to form an opinion about her style yet. Her style has certainly softened from her time on BT, which is a tabloid, and has conformed with the line BB has.

The last of the BB staff is Ulrik Ulriksen. He has defined the style he writes as "being what my mother would like to read". He has a very flowery way of writing and he sure can sugar coat! He does it however with style. But he has a tendency to be too shallow in his articles, which is a pity because when he gets the chance he can actually make some very good interviews.

Then there is Jan Körner from Ekstra Bladet, a tabloid. He is anti-DRF. The angling of his stories are anti-DRF. To the extent that EB's own readers don't take him serious. He is way over the top! - Which is a pity, because some of the issues he raise are worth debating because sometimes the DRF deserve critisism or at least scrutiny.

The last royal reporter worth mentioning is Kirsten Balslev from Her & Nu. A discount magazine. I don't read that magazine, so I won't assess her style. That I'll leave to others. But in regards to royal stuff she's the only one on that magazine worth noticing.
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Thanks for that Muhler, you have given a good comprehensive run down on different reporting styles. Here in Australia we have grown up with Fairytale written stories about the Windsor royal family. They could do no wrong for so many decades. Things of course are different now, and we are finaly getting some thruthful reporting.
I hope this is the correct thread to ask but I had been wondering if there was any more news on the portrait of the Queen and her consort with their children and grandchildren. A small portion with Christian was released but then I never heard if the whole portrait had been revealed.
I guess we can put this here: Dansk krimi udfordrer monarkiet: Margrethe er morderen - Kendte |

A crime novel, The Holy Alliance, has just been published and according to that QMII is the murderer of an important person here in DK.
So far so good, I think we have even discussed the possibillity here on the forum.
Apparantly there is a Europe wide conspiracy in order to cement and preferably increase the number of monarchies, by murder if need be.

The book is written by Anders Rønnow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich under the pseudonym A Kazinski.

The review on BT isn't particularly good!

Because in order to establish a plot and to create a background for the murder in the first place Trine Vilemann's (under a different name) claims are brought up as well as various rumours.

The Italian republic is under threat from monarchists, Greece and Spain is also a part of a conspiracy and so on.

The reviewer concludes: "The Holy Alliance is an unholy alliance between a hardcore thriller and political propaganda".
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Flertal: Kronprins Frederik som konge nu - Kendte gossip - Nyheder og sladder om de kendte i indland og udland

Yet another survey shows that a majority of Danes want CP Frederik to be King now. In a survey made for Søndagsavisen (The Sunday newspaper) shows that 51 percent of Danes want CP Frederik as King now. Only 11% thinks he have to wait some years.

I don't know how safe such surveys is, but I find it interesting that all the surveys the past years shows the same result. I maybe think the result more shows the huge popularity Frederik and Mary have in our country than we Danes actually want the Queen to abdicate. I'm pretty sure most Danes is in agreement with Queen Margrethe about that she will never abdicate. I also hear many Danes saying they think it would be a pity for F+M to take over right now with four children that young. They think they are allowed to be a family with more time than if F+M were King and Queen. So maybe the survey should be seen more as a big support and believe in Frederik and Mary more than a genuine wish to Margrethe to abdicate. On the other hand ... Now the younger generation has taken over in both Holland and Belgium and it may play a role? I have also heard Danes say they think the Queen deserves to enjoy her older days with Henrik.
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:previous:thank you Roskilde.
I agree 100%. I think the Queen is highly respected and loved, but Frederik over the years has gained respect as well. And thats great that most people want him as King now. I think he and Mary will do a great job. But you are right, i feel their kids are too young, I look at Maxima's and Mathilde's kids and I feel a little bit sad that their kids are so young with their parents away more often.
Prins Henrik fik så hatten passede - Danmark |

Prince Henrik and Nikolai and Felix have been out looking at a part of the fortifications around Copenhagen that has now been modified to a museum. In this case showing how soldiers lived beforehand.
Here visiting the fort Garderhøj and learning how it was to sleep in bunks, attend gymnastics (the military was pretty progressive about physical fitness around 1900 or so), and loading canons.
A nice introduction to something that is almost guaranteed to get quite a lot of visits during the autumn holiday next week.

Let's have a closer look at the pics.
Here PH is trying on an officers kepi from the Schleswigan Wars. This kepi is still in use today as a part of the officers gala uniform for non-guards regiments.
Nikolai and Felix however are wearing the standard soft kepis of privates and NCO's. Complete with the national cocarde in the front. (these souvenir kepis are however in a lighter hue than the originals).
You will notice that the Danish field uniform of the period closely resembled the Union uniform of the US Civil War and in fact twenty such uniforms were ordered from USA in the 1860's for testing and they are apparantly among the very, very few original uniforms from that period in existance today.
Nikolai may look small compared to his grandpapa, but in the mid 1800's he would have been around average height for conscripts. I.e. around 155 cm or 5'2''.
Until right after the First Schleswigan War, (ending in 1850) conscription applied only to peasants. townspeople could volunteer, otherwise they were only required to defend their own town.
During the 1850's a general conscription was introduced and everybody were drafted. That's about the same time stats reguarding the soldiers were kept on record and studied for comparison to this day.
Here inside the fort Garderhøj.
Here loading the breechloaders at the fort. Even though judging from the welding, this must be replica artillery.
It was nevertheless state of the art, breeachloaders and inside a rotating turrert, wow!


I agree with your assesment, Roskilde. :)
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Thanks. I see he is reading Politiken. That doesn't surprise me at all.

Politiken is one of the three major serious national papers (Jyllands Posten and Berlingske Tidende being the other two). It's also a Copenhagener paper, which is why it's not sold much over here in Jutland.
It's very much an intellectual paper, which considerable emphasis on culture and "humaniora".
Mary reads it and no doubt Frederik as well. I think Politiken fits well with their outlook on life in general and to a considerable degree their political views as well.
While I think a conservative paper like Berlingske Tidende fits better with QMII.

And I'm in absolutely no doubt that Joachim reads Jyllands Posten, partly because Schackenborg is located in Jutland but also because it's very much a business paper, especially for medium sized businesses.

Below these are the serious regional newspapers, like Fyens Stiftstidende, Frederiksborg Amtsavis, Kristeligt Dagblad and Jyske Vestkysten.

I've omitted the tabloids and the free (and somewhat meager) newspapers.
:previous:thank you.

Im thinking maybe Margrethe made this coat for Mary :D:eek:
Thanks Roskilde! :flowers: :flowers: I thought it was strange that mary wasn't involved in the hunt in any way... Do you know if there was a ladies' lunch like other times, or if this really was a private afternoon for Mary and her mother-in-law?
Thanks Roskilde! :flowers: :flowers: I thought it was strange that mary wasn't involved in the hunt in any way... Do you know if there was a ladies' lunch like other times, or if this really was a private afternoon for Mary and her mother-in-law?

No, during this, the grandest of the royal hunts, QMII heads the ladies on an outing. Usually to something cutural, like a museum or exhibition. They also enjoy a lunch together before meeting up with the menfolks at the game parade.
Then it's time for a change of clothes before the gala dinner.

It happens that Mary only join the ladies later on.
I understand from a remark I once read from a participant in such an outing that if you are not interested in art it can be quite an ordeal, especially if the tour guide, i.e. QMII, go into overdrive when explaining about a particular painting. :D
Oh there's a gala too? How I'd love to see photos of that, *sigh* :p
Question...what is the succession rule if after Frederik ascends if he dies and if he and Mary die and Christian isn't at the age of majority? Last week the Dutch Parliament said Maxima rules until Amalia becomes of age. If they both die then Constanstijn rules until Amalia turns 18. What about the other monarchies?
My guess would be that either Mary (as the monarch's mother) or Joachim (as the next of-age person in the line of succession) would serve as regent.
As it is now only "born in the RF"-members can be Regent or Rigsforstander, not those who married in. The order is: Frederik - Joachim - Benedikte. The question is would the Danes change that so Mary could become Regent for her son? Or would they prefer the born Dane Joachim?

I find it interesting that Queen/Princess Beatrix was not considered as a possible ruler. Wouldn't it be easiest to take the one who already has vast experience in that area?
While Beatrix may have the experience, the fact remains that she made the decision to step aside - she may not wish to step into the role once again.
The next adult in the Line of Succession (Joachim) would with 99.9 % likelihood become Rigsforstander (there is a remote theoretical possibillity that Joachim could be overruled by the Parliament) until Christian turns eighteen and become king.

Mary can also become Rigsforstander temporarily, say when Joachim is abroad, but it is most unlikely that she would "rule" on Christian's behalf as Joachim would.

Should QMII die tomorrow, there is a chance that Mary may from time to time be appointed Rigsforstander within the next ten years, in case both Frederik and Joachim are abroad at the same time or one of them falls ill. Simply because of a lack of available adults in the Line of Succession. But once Nikolai and shortly after Felix turn eighteen there will be such an abundance of adults that it will be unlikely that it will be necessary.
But it is entirely up to the monarch. There is actually nothing to hinder king Frederik (or QMII for that matter) from appointing Mary to Rigsforstander ahead of Joachim. But king Frederik cannot appoint a Rigsforstander ahead of his own adult son. If the crown crince is in the country he (Christian) will automatically become Regent when the monarch is abroad or so ill he can't perform his duty.
Only the Crown Prince/ss can be Regent, everybody else is a Rigsforstander.

Mary fulfills the criteria for being appointed Rigsforstander already now:
A) Danish citizen.
B) Member of the State Church, i.e. Lutheran. (The Danish monarch is head of the State Church).
C) Having signed a pledge to obey the Constitution.
- And being "worthy". I.e. of sound mind, respectable, suitable, no criminal record and so on.
Summary of a speculation in Billed Bladet #52, 2013.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

Based on what Mary and Frederik and Joachim and our Marie usually do on New Years Eve, our researcher has come up with this:
M&F apparently take turn in hosting the New Year celebration, and the guests are not necessarily the same each year. Among those who are most likely to party with M&F are Jørgen and Malou Skeel from Birkelse Manor. Caroline and Peter Heering, and Birgitte and Jeppe Handwerk.
Depending on who is the host this year, the party will take place at either Birkelse Manor, Amalienborg or north of Copenhagen. (Also known as the Whisky Belt).

Joachim and Marie however celebrate New Year with the same friends every year: Oscar and Britt Siesbye and Christian and Agnete Scherfig. They also take turn hosting the party. Last year it was apparently J&M who were hosts.

- The Regent Couple also take turn hosting the New Year party and that is also kept within the same circle of friends. We can almost be sure to expect a costume party.
Before that however QMII will give her New Year address live on TV at 18.00, before changing for the party.
By then most guests will have arrived at the various parties all over the country, because watching the Queen, that is a must! Last year 2.3 million Danes watched her and as the population is 5.4 million, that’s a rating producers dream of.


Summary of article in Billed Bladet #52, 2013.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

Which sum up the number of parties within the DRF and their immediate circle of royals.
Prince Henrik turns 80 and that is to be celebrated in France.
Before his birthday on the 11th June, he will be celebrated here in DK with concert on the 1st June.

Alexandra turns 50 on 30th June. And as her and Joachim’s relationship is so good it is presumed that he and our Marie will be invited as well.

Princess Benedikte turns 70 on 29th April.
It is not yet decided how the birthday will be celebrated, but the article speculates whether QMII will throw a party for her sister.

Prince Richard turns 80 on 29th October.
It is speculated that he and Benedikte will celebrate their birthdays on the same day. Or alternatively throw a big summer-party at Berleburg.

Mary and Frederik can celebrate their tenth anniversary.

And Queen Anne Marie and King Konstantin can celebrate their 50th anniversary on 18th September.
[FONT=&quot]It is assumed that the golden anniversary will be celebrated in Greece.[/FONT]
DRF year in review 2013
Året i Kongehuset 2013 - 05. jan. 2014 | DR1 | DR

"The year in the royal family look back on the year's major events. Take the royal couple on official trip to Chile, get a thorough analysis of Crown Princess Mary's development toward becoming ruler and look for when artist Thomas Kluge come into the studio to explain and defend his portrayal of the Danish royal family. In addition, we will update you, of course, the children in the royal family and looking at the most beautiful and surprising dresses from the year that has passed. The hosts are Tine Gøtzsche and Mark Stockholm."
I hope Alexandra will throw a big bash for her birthday and that we'll get a little peak. I can definitely imagine that Joachim and Marie will be there, and also Mary and Frederik. It has always seemed like Frederik likes Alexandra a lot (and the other way around).
DRF year in review 2013
Året i Kongehuset 2013 - 05. jan. 2014 | DR1 | DR

"The year in the royal family look back on the year's major events. Take the royal couple on official trip to Chile, get a thorough analysis of Crown Princess Mary's development toward becoming ruler and look for when artist Thomas Kluge come into the studio to explain and defend his portrayal of the Danish royal family. In addition, we will update you, of course, the children in the royal family and looking at the most beautiful and surprising dresses from the year that has passed. The hosts are Tine Gøtzsche and Mark Stockholm."

Thank Polyesco :flowers:

Every year around Christmas two programs of the year in our Royal Family is broadcasted. One program (one hour long) on DR1 and one program (almost two hours long) on TV2.

Both programs had this year a very strong focus on our Crown Prince Couple's remarkable development over the last year(s) and how it's now very obvious they are taking more and more over from Queen Margrethe and Henrik.

TV2 also had a good coverage of especially Mary's working year and she was praised for having developed a strong profile. Our now former Minister for Development Cooperation, Christian Friis Bach (as you may remember, he and Mary have worked and traveled much together in the last few years) was in the studio to comment on how it is to work together with Mary. The chemistry between them on their trips has always looked very good IMO and his answers reflected this:

He started out by saying that Mary is (perhaps not surprisingly) always highly prepared for each of their task/trips. Christian Friis Bach said one of the things he wanted to point out is Mary's commitment - she reads through twenty pages-reports repeatedly and has an impressive background knowledge to every trip or meeting.

In addition, he said she is a good 'friend'. "She's very down to earth, if you can put it that way."
He spoke about an episode during a trip last year when he and Mary, along with a Danish delegation was flying in a small airplane. Along the way, some of the people on the plane got thirsty... Mary got up quickly, went to the water tank and served water to the thirsty people and the rest of the Danish delegation. "She's an incredibly pleasant person and she's easy to travel with."

Also Prince Consort Henrik were highlighted in the TV2 program: How his role has changed over the time and how we Danes (a remarkable part at least) view of him may have changed. To the positive side. That we the last few years have learned to know him better, have learned to understand what kind of man he is. BB's journalist Trine Larsen told that those more positive things that is told about him now, is things she has tried to convey in many years.


Unfortunately, TV2 don't put their programs online. I understand some of you get Danish lessons by Muhler, watching Danish programs may be a good exercise :p
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