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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 2 of the thread for General News about King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia!

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** General News about King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia 1: February 2016 - December 2023 **

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I've seen recent photos of the King, and I wanna know why his nose is purple?
After Queen Margrethe's announcement of abdication, several court experts believe that it can create a domino effect for the Nordic monarchs. It is rejected by the court, Margareta Thorgren says there is no connection.
Svensk Damtidning's editor-in-chief Johan T Lindwall said yesterday that Margrethe's decision undeniably puts pressure on king Carl Gustaf, who has always claimed that he does not intend to abdicate prematurely.
From the court's side, it is clear that Margrethe's announcement does not affect the Swedish royal family's choice.
- This is a decision that has been made in Denmark, in another country and has been made by the Danish head of state. That is what has been informed. This is an issue that has previously been discussed in the media, and there is no connection with Queen Margrethe, says Thorgren.(..)

Hovets svar om kungen efter Margrethes besked _ Varlden _ Expressen
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The royal couple has sent a congratulatory telegram to Sarah Sjöström on the occasion of her victories in the 50 meter butterfly and 50 meter freestyle during the WC in swimming.

The royal couple has sent congratulatory telegram to Viktor Brandt, Jesper Nelin, Martin Ponsiluoma and Sebastian Samuelsson on the occasion of their victory in the men's relay during the Biathlon World Championships on Saturday.
The King congratulates Alexander Stubb, the new President of the Republic of Finland, and invites him and mrs Suzanne Innes-Stubb to a state visit to Sweden on 23-24 April.
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Happy Easter!
Due to the crime in Vantaa, Finland, H.M. The King sent yesterday a condolence telegram to H.E. President Alexander Stubb.
"My family and I have learned with dismay the news about today's shooting at a school in Vantaa outside Helsinki.
We think of those affected, their relatives, students and staff, and wish to convey our deep participation in their, and your, grief."

Carl Gustaf R
The King and Queen have been in Austria.
Queen Silvia surprised Norderstedt sculptor
At a sculpture workshop in Obergurgl Queen Silvia suddenly stood in front of sculptor Thomas Behrendt, who didn't recognize her at first: “She was very nice and friendly and asked what we were doing there. I explained it to her and also showed the different types of rock”.
At some point Behrendt thought it might be queen Silvia, but the idea of the Queen of Sweden appearing there on the mountain pasture seemed too absurd. But then he saw the King behind her.
The Queen asked if Behrendt had alabaster. Two stones he wanted to give her were a bit ugly on the back, he had to rework them. He also had a green soapstone for her. So they met again the next day. When the King and Queen returned, Behrendt hadn't quite finished the stones yet, the King and Queen went to the Zirben Alm for lunch.
The Queen was very happy of the stones and wanted to pay for them. Behrendt gave them to her. A bodyguard took a photo of them. Behrendt describes the Queen as loving, open, uncomplicated and warm-hearted. The King stayed in the background.
The King was seen yesterday arriving to the Royal Palace driving his BMW. He and Victoria attended the Council of State.
"When the King has commitments at the Royal Palace, He usually drives himself from Drottningholm. On official assignments, the Royal Stables is responsible for the transports," the Court writes in an email.
Queen Silvia has been at the Intiman Theatre in Stockholm at the show of the comedy group "Anakronisterna", with comedians Per Andersson, Claes Eriksson and Andreas T Olsson.
The king was captured on photo driving his BMW at Rålambshovsparken in Stockholm on Thursday afternoon.
The board of H.M The King's Jubilee Fund for Youth in Sweden has decided to award scholarships totaling SEK 380,000 as follows:
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