General News about Joachim, Marie and Family 1: December 2007 - August 2009

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Love every picture, thank you:flowers: Marie looks very beautiful! And i'm in love with little prince:wub:
What a handsome little prince he is! The whole family are beautiful
OMG...what a cute little chap he is. I am not good at picking up who children look like. Perhaps a cross between the 2 older brothers?
Such adorable pictures! :)
The little Prince is too cute for words, he takes both after his Mummy and Daddy.

I love this picture of the entire family.
What a lovely family!!

The little prince looks like his father to me!!
Thanks for pictures :flowers:
Adorable child :wub:
I have a question-does anybody know something about monogram on pic 6 ?

That is Joachim and Marie's official monogram. The little prince is absolutely adorable! I can see a resemblance in his features, but can't pin-point who from.
He's such a bright child!!!

He's lovely! parents are proud of their newborn! can't wait for the name!
The baby is cute, beautiful family.
I am very exited for the christening pictures, the names and the godparents.
I love these pictures. The baby is so cute. I also cant wait for the christening.
The baby is sooo cute!!
The photos are great. Joachim, Marie and the children are amazing :flowers:
I love the photo of Marie and the baby.
What a handsome family they are!!
If you look at posts under Christening of Prince Felix, you will see some nice pictures inside Schackenborg which were taken after the ceremony.

Nikolai was christened in Copenhagen - I think maybe because the trip to Mogeltonder would have been too much for Queen Ingrid. There are lovely pictures and a video of her being greeted by her daughter, the queen, and Henrik before the actual christening began.

It would be nice to see the same tradition followed, a video during the ceremony plus some pictures afterwards.

Of course, one must remember that Alexandra was the sole princess at the time, that she spoke perfectly pronounced Danish (when it came time to say the child's formal name), and that these were the first grandchildren of the queen.

I sometimes feel that Marie wants to be so private, yet is prepared to live a royal life. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Her parents, plus stepfather, were all invited, and attended the big birthday celebration for Prince Henrik. Surely, they enjoyed themselves.

It's perfectly normal to share a christening ceremony with the people of Denmark. After all, they have barely had a 5 minute look at her son, far less than any other royal grandchild. Is she being coy? Is she trying to stay behind the "I don't know enough Danish yet veil"?
Gorgeous family! The baby is really adorable. Nice interior, also.
These pictures are so lovely! The whole family look so happy!

And the baby is a very cute little boy, very expressive small face!
Oh my God! He's so cute! What a beautiful baby Marie has given birth to. All Joachim's sons are little handsomes gentlemen:flowers:
The offcial photshoot it's great. What a lovely family!
I love the photos! The little prince seems so alert and bright-eyed. Marie seems so nurturing and maternal; of course we already knew that Joachim was a good parent. Here are some more:

Billed-Bladet - Her er Danmarks nye prins
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the baby is gorgeous! his eyes are so expressive. seems that he took after his dad's and brothers blue eyes.

lovely pics, i'm glad we finally got new official ones!
Beautiful eyes. He looks like an intelligent little sprout doesn't he?
What a gorgeous little boy and such eyes!. Loved all the photos, including that of the whole family.
Oh my , the new prince is beautiful. he has the most amazing eyes and facial expressions. You can tell that his parents and his big brothers are very proud of him. I wish J&M, Nik, and Felix the very best always.
Beautiful eyes. He looks like an intelligent little sprout doesn't he?

Intelligent little sprout, I haven't heard that saying in a while.
He does though. I can see him doing great things in his later life. :flowers:
Am so glad that they decided to take and release pictures of all their children together as well as introducing the little fellow now that he is a little more aware of his surroundings.

The baby has big expressive eyes. I do believe they are brown, like his mother's, not blue . We'd have to know the color of her grandparents eyes, but it's fair to say that from what we have seen of her parents - both browneyed - it looks as though
she only has genes for brown, which is dominant, hence her children with Joachim will always have brown eyes.

I think the little fellow looks a lot like his mother, who in turn looks like Grandpere Alain. An intelligent, serious look, full of wonderment.

The family looks happy, complete. The older boys must be so happy to have a little one for future playing. Just wonderful. I'm so very happy for all, especially Joachim, I think. He is content, has a family once again, one that is growing.

Best wishes to all of them.
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