General News about Frederik, Mary and Family Part 16: August 2016 - December 2017

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Well Frederik is really enjoying himself it seems. And the 4th picture, wow, what a car........that is one very outstanding car. They, car companies today do not make cars like they used to , this is one chic classy car. And it must be chilly, wet cold there today? Isn't this August yet or am I asleep at the computer now is changing, climate is not behaving like it should or what here.?
You said it! When I win the lottery I'm gonna have a dozen cars like that. There is in particular a classic Mercedes from the 30's I can see myself driving. :cool:
Way back when I knew someone in Oxford England whom I used to visit all the time and who bought these great old classic Rolls Royce's and had them restored to perfect condition. The he and wife brought them to the US, and sold them for tons of money. One time my machine broke and what did they do, picked up my laundry, my children and my dogs and off the laundromat in Weston Ct, in a about getting looks at the laundromat.......with dogs, dirty clothes and my British friends who Nick was wearing a British T-shirt...had the time of my life then with them. So at one time I used to drive one of those fancy cars around town shopping here and there and so enjoying a rolls even though I did not know a thing about cars then...yet my friends taught me, so...

That is where I learned about those gorgeous cars and have loved them ever since so that car is mine, it has my name on it when I win the lotto and it is not for sale...???? you can look but do not touch...:lol::lol::lol:
Well Frederik is really enjoying himself it seems. And the 4th picture, wow, what a car........that is one very outstanding car. They, car companies today do not make cars like they used to , this is one chic classy car. And it must be chilly, wet cold there today? Isn't this August yet or am I asleep at the computer now is changing, climate is not behaving like it should or what here.[emoji2]
I live about a 45 minute drive from Simrishamn and all I can say is that we've had a dreadful summer this year. Nothing but rain, winds and rarely, if ever, over 20 C degrees.
So sorry for yr bad weather and I would gladly give you mine if I could, hot and humid as in the weather thread here.....let it snow let it snow and soon, back on topic, that is close to were you are right, now I see why that lady was wearing a hooded jacket. Yet I loved that car....what a day to be out and I would love rain and cold any day of the week yet Fred does not look like it bothers him at kinda guy that enjoys cooler weather.?
Joachim is Rigsforstander for six days in August, - 17-23th August.
It's not unlikely Mary is coming, but I doubt it. The twins will just have started school and both parents leaving them, so soon after? Considering there could be transition problems for either Vincent or Josephine, I don't think so.

Mary is mentioned in this article as attending Audi Hamilton Race Week - otherwise known as "Hammo" - along side Frederik.

I hope so, lots of fashion parades, parties, luncheons and other events for the non-sailing wives.

And always a lot of coverage in Sydney's newpapers as so many Sydney-siders pop up there.

Hamilton Island Race Week: sailing into successful sponsorship waters |

A video of last year's highlights -

And another report saying Mary will be attending - (scroll down)-

Hamilton Island's facebook -

It's also whale calving season and the waters around Hamilton Island are part of the area the whales use.

The yachts have to be aware, and try to keep away from them. (And if you watched the above highlights video, not easy.)
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Lovely photos by Mary. Grace is beautiful! Great to see her enjoying Fredensborg's nature. I also see Vincent on the second photo :wub:

Thanks to Mary for taken these lovely pictures and share them with us :flowers:
Mary and the children watched the Danish IRONMAN two days ago :flowers:

A Dane (the woman on the picture) has posted this nice photo and writes:
"Thanks for the support of the IRONMAN run." (2 days ago)

Although Frederik did not run IRONMAN this year (and just had left to Australia), Mary, Christian, Bella, Vincer and Josephine were still down at the street and cheering on all the participants at Sunday's IRONMAN this year.

It's always nice to see how the CP-family just can and do walk relaxed on the local streets with the Danes.

All posts related to Prince Henrik and his plans for his final resting place have been moved to our extra thread, that can be found here.
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Ah, am a huge doggie love myself here and will always stop for a dog, Mary is such a gorgeous lady and has really become a Dane in the heart. Bet their family is filled to the brim with lots of love and dogs and children running everywhere.....what a great life it is!?
I imagine he's a good deal more well known in USA than in DK.
Sounds very exciting. And as we have seen in the past years, it is something that Frederik and Mary have already started to do (official visits abroad and incoming state visits). Hopefully they do a summer cruise. :flowers:

The Copenhagen half marathon was today, Frederik did not participate but was there showing his support and took a selfie with one of the runners. Reading the captions some crazy weather .

How nice!
The Danish people love that they so relaxed meet their future King and Queen on the streets. Isn't it great.
People feel him, and he is one of them.
After attending an event at the opera the other day, Mary sailed back to Amalienborg across the harbor and at the quay by co-incidence stood a school-class who were in Copenhagen. Mary chatted them up, asked what they were doing and shook hands. - As you can see in this video: VIDEO: Kronprinsesse Mary overraskede skoleklasse | BILLED-BLADET

The teenagers were obviously taken aback and didn't quite know what to do, hence the giggling.
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In honor of Frederik's and Mary's official trip to Japan, the DRF website has a gallery of the Crown Prince Couple's other official visits together .

"Throughout the years, Crown Prince Couple has been at the forefront of a number of business and cultural advancements throughout the world to focus on some of the areas where Denmark is strong. This gallery brings pictures of some of the Crown Prince's recent cultural and business advances."
Kronprinsparret på erhvervs- og kulturfremstød | Kongehuset

Not included many of the solo official visits Mary and Frederik take part in, like Frederik's trip to China a few weeks ago.
It’s the Danish school children's autumn holiday this week - and according to a Danish magazine F&M spend a private autumn holiday with their children in the hunting lodge in Trend, North Jutland. As usual.
They packed their car, children and Grace and drove up there after they landed from Japan. Thus, they celebrated Christians' birthday in Trend ?
They certainly seem to love the place in Trend. I assume it’s a very outdoorsy sort of holiday - biking, hiking, etc?
:previous: Very much so.
Plenty of opportunities for walks, jogging, riding mountain bikes, bird-spotting (Frederik is fond of teaching his children about the wildlife) - and getting soaked! - Because it's raining and grey weather.

But when the sun is shining the woods are beautiful at this time of year.!d

A lot of the area around Trend is plantation, for foresting, mainly fir and pine, but also other tree sorts:år_i_Mollerup_Skov.jpg

It's also season for mushrooms and there are many this year. But some are dangerous. A refugee family from Congo went out and picked the wrong mushrooms, so far tragically two from that family, aged 5 and 15, have died.

Daylight is down to 10 hours now, but it's still pretty warm for October, some 12-16 degrees C (52-59 F) at noon.
In two at most three weeks from now the trees will be naked and in only two months daylight will be down to 6 hours.
:previous: Thank you for sharing more tidbits about Trend, Muhler. It looks like a beautiful place and seems like a perfect destination for the CP family! I hope Christian had a lovely birthday there.
Thanks, Muhler. The pictures do indeed show a beautiful spot. Hopefully Christian had a fun birthday there this year.
Many thanks for all the info and pictures Muhler, such a beautiful place, I can see why the family loves it there....peaceful and serene!
I can see why the Crown Prince family loves Trend, it's beautiful, unspoiled and very private. A spot to get away from modern life.
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