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Right! These picture are funny.

Everyone looks short next to Felipe.


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Guillaume and Felix greeted guests at the airport for the 2001 'joyous entry' of Henri and Maria Teresa in Luxembourg.
You all are geniuses! I didn't even remember where I saw the pictures and you have them and know the story behind them. You guys rock the casbah! Yeah, everyone does look like midgets next to Felipe.

So it was said that Guillaume is "such and such" tall--what is that in feet? Is it that Felipe is just really tall or are our boys short?
Is there any explanation as to why Guillaume is so short? Well, he's not short compared to me, but he is shorter than his younger brothers.
Yes Guillaume is shorter than his younger bros...anyhow everyone looks like a midget standing next to Felipe hahaha
ShksprNLov said:
I'm glad other people have been there too! I think it is so much fun to look at all the countires, but everyone calls me a nerd when I tell them about it. It is a cool website for geography nerds. lol
Don't worry. I ALWAYS go onto there and look at countries. I suppose I am a nerd too. Ah well, one day we will all unite and rule the world. :D *lol*
muhahahahahahahaha mum's are pretty cool sometimes hehehe...i wonder how Maria-theresa would be as a u think she'd be evil like all mother-in-laws are suppose to be? haha
I don't think she would be. She seems like a really friendly person; someone who you could always talk to. I think she, Princess Astrid and CP Mathilde would be the nicest people to have as mother-in-laws.

You have brought up one of my worst fears; having an evil mother-in-law. I won't say too much (to protect people's identities *lol*) but I know that if you do have bad mother-in-law, it can be hell, but, it does provide hours of entertainment arguing/abusing/criticising them behind their back.

Danielle =)
if i had MT as a mother in law i would ask her to be my fashion and shopping guidence councellor hehehe how do u qualify to be a nerd hehe mwa
MT would make such a chill mother in law!
If you spend more time infront of a computer or books than with your friends, then your a nerd (like me!)
Hot summer in tropical St Tropez

:p Hey guys... does anyone know if the lux family goes on holidays in the tropical St Tropez... I know lots of royal familys and hot celebs go there.. but does the lux royals have a yearly visit.. Pia mentioned something in her artical...;)

Tropical Kisses :)
My guess is no the family didn't go to St. Tropez. Guillaume's summer was mostly work I think. Maybe next year, Guillaume and a girlfriend (definitely not Pia) will enjoy the beaches and waters of St. Tropez. Also hope his brothers are there for some fun.
What article are we refering to here? Pia wrote an article? Or did she give some sort of interview?
Vacation in Luxembourg

Hey all! I am on holiday in Lux for 2 days. Yea! Would anyone please tell me some good places to visit - as in places about the royal family? I read that they actually live somewhere else other than the palace so if anyone knows what that is, it would be very cool. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated and I promise to post my pictures when I get back! :) I'll check again tomorrow before I go out in the city so please, please, please help me. Thanks!
Depends where in Lux you will be for that time. In Lux city itself, or does your budget short daytrips to outlying areas?

Lux city fascinates me .... it contains a number of the organs of the EU in modern buildings. It is also very much a city on the top of a river valley, and down in the river valley. Be prepared for walking up and down a lot if you are so inclined.
Lux city. I don't have enough time to really branch out. So in the city or near by.
I hope you have a wonderful time in Luxembourg, Shkpr. Please let us know how it was when you return since I am also interested in visiting this beautiful country.

Next spring I'll be in Europe for three weeks and besides visiting England, France, Belguim, and Germany I am thinking about taking a detour over to Luxembourg for a day or two. But we'll see.

Again, have a wonderful time!

Kanga :)
Yea, there is a palace in Luxembourg City, but the royal family doesn't live there. They Live in 2 different Cheteaus outside of the city. And I am soooooooooooooooooooo jealous of you!

Pia wrote some articles, both they were about the social scene in Norway.
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Hope you enjoy your trip. I would love to visit Lux City one day.
Luxembourg will have a new museum next year. The official opening of Museum of modern art Large-Duke Jean (Mudam)will be in May 2006.
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