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that's true... the information about lux royals is somewhat poor...
they are the only royal family kids i know that just want to be normal... i heard somewhere there hobbies include the internet lol how funny if they read this stuff hehhehehe
Hey !!!

Hi everybody !
No, sorry, I'm still here, but busy with my work (I'm a violinist and I often travel. And moreover, my boyfriend is a conductor, so, we are always on the road.). But I did not forget you, friends of the Lux Royals, and I've just read that you were all wondering if I told Guillaume to come here ?
Well, I did not, because I saw him just 5 or 10 minutes at a reception for the Conservatoire and in April in Esch for Davis Cup.
Nice guy, but I found he has put on weight, but very nice to meet him. His brother... VERYYYYYYYYYYY handsome, God !!! But I did not have so many relations with him.
i did not know if this year the Lux were at Cabasson, in France, where they have a house.
So, here it was I can tell you.
Bis bald, dear Luxemburgerfreundlichen !
Question about this family

Is this a non-ruling royal family?
they rule in luxembourg, a little country near belgium, france and germany.
Yeah i know where luxembourg is, i just wanted to know if the family was still ruling, but it is, thanks for answering :)
I was reading an interview somewhere and MT said that they lived fairly normal lives and didn't do that much of the royal thing.
gaggleofcrazypeople said:
I was reading an interview somewhere and MT said that they lived fairly normal lives and didn't do that much of the royal thing.
I think that also has a lot to do with the size of the country. Not many people that I know of here in the states even know about it and those who do don't have much to say. Luxembourg is so stable in so many different areas that I guess that there wouldn't be that much press generated about it outside of Europe.

Does anyone know if Henri and Maria Teresa many trips abroad such as state visits and things along these lines? I know that MT has her work with UNESCO, so she does travel to distant places at times, but other than that do members of the Grand Ducal Family travel as much as some of the other RF's?
there was a state visit to Denmark before the wedding in May
Oh yes, I remember that. Thanks for reminding me Josefine.
No problem I think there are pictures at the dansih forum from that state visit
they have also travelled before the wedding and after the wedding to spain.
A fun website to go to for basic Lux info is the CIA world factbook. You can look at Luxembourg and I think they have some economic stuff on there and a brief thing about the government.
gaggleofcrazypeople said:
Exactly where in France is Cabasson?
It is down the south of france in this beautiful village called bornes les mimosas its a beautiful tropical village with mediveval castles and ruins from castles... its also near the french presidents holiday residence:p
I'm glad other people have been there too! I think it is so much fun to look at all the countires, but everyone calls me a nerd when I tell them about it. It is a cool website for geography nerds. lol
i've been cheking the cia fact book. a really interesting link! thanks!
It sounds like a beautiful place. Any pictures?

I don't think they would visit this forum. But you never know. The family likes the Internet.

My guess on their height -
Guillaume is taller than Victoria who I think is 5´5. In a photo from Haakon's wedding, Guillaume is standing behind the royal family of Sweden. I think he is 5´8.

Felix, to me, is the same height as his father. I think he is 5´9 or 6´0.
so you mean Guillaume is 177--178 and Felix is 179--180,huh?

but i think Felix is much more taller than Guillaume,may be he is 183 or so.
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that's a lot... for guillaume i don't think he is more than 1.75 m and for felix maybe around 1.80 m
he is very tall, when he was younger he had really long legs for his age... he looks like he would be about 24 when hes only twenty
Here's some photos to compare their heights.

How tall is Juan Carlos? Henri and Juan Carlos look about the same height.

Victoria is probably wearing 2 to 3 inch heels. Guillaume in this photo looks taller than the Swedish royals. He looks 2 to 4 inches shorter than Prince Nikolaos.


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I saw a picture of Guillaume and Felix meeting Felipe of Spain and Guillaume looked tiny standing next to Felipe. I know Felip is pretty tall but I think Guillaume went up to his shoulders. It was a funny picture, just to see how short Guillaume is in comparison.
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