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Thanks for the photos Julia! :) Here are a few more.

Eastern View From Palace....


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Western View From Palace......


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This is really cute.....

Yesterday in Cap d'Ail (near Monaco) Stephanie and Albert attended a charity - soccer match.
Steph was in the Circus - team ...and Albert in the AS Monaco team.....

...I guess Alberts team won....but're some pics of it:

Love, Michelle


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Steph runnin'...


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...and laughin'


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with her teammate and brother.....


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The tabloids now will be saying that the guy next to Stefanie is her next boyfriend.
Hi galisteo!

Thanks for the info! Ernst deserves to have an entire website devoted to why he is annoying. :p :yuk:

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Monaco's Princes in Corsica for Religious Celebrations
10 JUNE 2003
Prince Rainier of Monaco and his son Prince Albert left their tiny principality for Corsica on Tuesday, joining leaders in festivities honouring Sainte Devote, the patron saint of Corsicans and Monegasques.

The trip to the sun-drenched island included a procession and religious ceremony in Lucciana, with both father and son sporting dark shades in the warm weather.

While Prince Rainier, who has battled illness in recent years, is said to be in better health, he made his way to local restaurant Le Walter aided by a walking stick.

Prince Rainier has been seen out and about quite a bit this month, maintaining a relatively busy calendar despite his age.

After quietly celebrating his 80th birthday surrounded by his children and grandchildren, he stepped into the spotlight at the Monaco Grand Prix to hand the trophy to Colombian race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya.


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I believe that Pss. Caroline is preparing to visit the Philppines, which doesn't answer your question. At least it's an attempt to get the topic going!

Pss. Caroline was, so I read, invited to the Philippines by their president to assist in aiding children suffering cancer. Best of luck to her.

Would you please send the link for that article? I'd like to read more on it as I'm interested in anything related to children's health, education, etc.

Thanks in advance!
I don't have a link to the article. I glanced at it in the Manilla Daily Times while at a news stand in LA. The article was a week or so old and I have no idea how long this paper archives articles on the internet. As best I recall, Pss. Caroline has been, according to the article, an advocate for cleaning up the remnants of the radioactive waste left behind by the US at Clarke Air Force Base. Radiation exposure has caused many in the Philippines to become ill. The Philipinne President asked Pss. Caroline for assistance and she sent $50,000 of her own money to assist one child who was dying. By the time her check arrived, the young boy died. The Philippine President invited her to come in person. The article was entiltled: Princess Caroline, She is coming to visit.

I hope that if she is able to visit, she will be able to help.

is there a court calander to see what is up next for the royals?
Prince Albert

The Pics Are Not Able To Be Seen Sylvia .also Leyla Have You Met Prince Albert Before And Does He Look As Handsome In Person?.thanks Jen
Monaco's princely family reacts on the rumors going around that Prince Rainier is seriously ill, in a situation of coma, or even already passed away:

These roumors are completely baring any kind of truth and they have got to stop the soonest possible:

Here's the Palace's official Communique:

vendredi 26 novembre 2004


Depuis plusieurs jours les rumeurs les plus diverses concernant la santé de S.A.S. le Prince Rainier III courent les rédactions et alimentent les conversations.

C'est avec une grande émotion mêlée d'indignation que le Palais Princier de Monaco souhaite réagir aujourd'hui à ces bruits très largement colportés et dont certains de leurs auteurs, soucieux d'affirmer leurs dires, revendiquent une proximité avec le Palais.

Lorsque cela est utile, l'information relative à l'état de santé de S.A.S. le Prince Souverain fait l'objet d'un bulletin médical de Ses médecins traitants, le Professeur Vincent Dor et le Docteur Jean-Joseph Pastor. Depuis la fin de Sa récente hospitalisation aucun événement ne justifiait une telle démarche, la convalescence de Son Altesse Sérénissime se poursuivant normalement au Palais Princier.

S.A.S. le Prince Héréditaire Albert actuellement en déplacement officiel à Sofia a souhaité réagir en ces termes à la situation ainsi créée :

« Nous sommes toujours sensibles à l'attention bienveillante que les uns et les autres portent à notre famille et particulièrement à mon Père, le Prince Souverain. Je suis malheureusement amené à regretter profondément l'exploitation erronée qui est faite aujourd'hui de l'état de santé de mon Père. Je souhaite que ceci puisse cesser au plus vite et que chacun garde raison.»
Hmm....sounds fishy considering that Marianne over at RBHQ posted it and claimed that this exact text was sent to her via e-mail by Princess Caroline's private secretary as a personal letter addressing the rumours. So which one is it? A private letter to Marianne or an official communique from the Palace?

The official site says nothing about this. Just wanted to clear up, that's all.
Ok. Here's the link. It is on the official site:

Just look on the bootom newsline and click on : " Reactions aux ...."
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Well, I've seen that communique on the official site as well. So I don't know, maybe it as been send around as well by the Palaces secretary.
Thanks for the article reference. Cannot say that I liked that.
IMHO, any croaking about the immense soon death of Ranier and "fin-de-reign aura in Monaco" sounds at least disgustingly.
And also Ms. Elizabeth Bryant should learn the names of the present family generation before she started to write something about them: "...The romantic troubles of Rainier's popular daughters, Caroline and Grace, are regular fodder in the tabloid press, much to local dismay."
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